How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide

How to choose the right lawn more for your lawn. I take you through a sort of “lawn mower buying guide” giving you some of the features I recommend based around gaining maximum #EnjoyTheMow .
00:00 Let’s Go!
00:37 A Few Caveats (I like that word)
01:17 Size Matters Most
01:43 The Standard Is Set at 75 Minutes
02:18 Walk Behind Mowers at 21”
05:43 Deciding To Go Big Or Go Small
06:32 The 30 Inch Mower – TimeMaster
07:47 Zero Turn or Lawn Tractor
11:36 How To Mow Stripes In The Lawn

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MoJack for Zero Turns and Tractors:
Small Mower Jack:

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Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2021
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443 thoughts on “How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide”

  1. Just bought a house on .4 acre which come out to 17,000 sq ft. I really want to push mow but it’s got a few hills. Looks like I’m going tractor

  2. I have a lawnboy from 1973. I haven’t had to get a new mower ever since it was built in 1973. Liked I so much I bought 8 more

  3. My Toro smartstow is about 5 years old. Only two complaints are its self propel is way too slow for me and Ive never dropped it lower than top two deck heights because it clogs.

  4. I mowed in FL for 7 years professionally and many more as a hobbyist, who TF thinks St Augustine doesn’t stripe? It stripes sooooo good.

  5. amazing video. What dedication to your craft. I’d love to see a picture of your lawn…it must be IMMACULATE!

  6. Let me be the first to say I don’t like doing yard work but this guy has made a video about something I don’t like to do but now want to do it!😂

  7. That’s what I want to get FW-15
    I have
    EGO 21 inches
    I have the new ones 7.5 amp battery 🔋
    It never bugged or having issues not cut or stop the mower:) has plenty power 🙂 only I have couple problems 🙁
    1. The mower is too lite 🙁
    2. the mower is too small 🙁
    3. A problem with the batteries it freezes or won’t charge and won’t last that long with 7.5 A only 5000 ft.² yards you can cut:( if you have Beautiful grass if not you can mow 7,000sqf yard:)
    4. I have fescue grass I cut like 4.5 inches 🙂 and when I cut the grass front wheels Digs or pushing the grass in and on second day that grass raise up and you can see the stripes tall 🙁
    5. The mower it’s sow light one pass can float on top of the grass second pass can go down with the same settings you can see the difference 🙁
    6. The mower is so tiny I have 1600 square-foot yard it’s taking me 1.5 hour to finish with one pass if I’m doing double pass takes over two hours 🙁 and you have to do a double pass because of those stripes 🙁 because of the tiny wheels digs that grass in 🙁 and it doesn’t have an enough suction to suck the grass back out with the blades 🙁
    7. Not enough RPMs or not enough vacuum to lift the grass up from the ground. 🙁
    8. The bottoms for self propel the mower it’s too tiny and end of the cutting your yard you have hands Sort they’re too tiny and you have to squeeze your hands tight 🙁
    EGO Mower they need to fix dthese issues 🙁

  8. I’ve watched 2:05 min of your video… and you might be the best YouTubed on the planet. You get directly to the point and there’s no bull shit. I love it.

  9. A friend told me that if I’m buying a zero turn, I should most definitely get a commercial one because the decks on the residential ones are thin, flimsy, and don’t hold up well at all. Is that true?

  10. 6/21/21, @Lawn Care Nut….walkers….I have one of those. I just not long ago got me a Gravely ZTX42; no more hoofing 4me! 1st I start w/string trimmer for edges/corners/tight spots…..the rest is 1-2-3…done!

  11. Can’t find a mower that cuts higher than 3.5 inches I have tried a lot of different things for my mower changing wheels etc What is the cut height on time master?

  12. On the fence between a Toro Timemaster and a Toro Timecutter 34”.

    Both are unavailable right now so I’m stuck with my 22” Toro.

    Less than 15,000 square feet takes me 3.5 to 4 hours.

  13. LOL I have an antique 1960s IH Cub Cadet and it is definitely not a sit back and chill experience. Takes 2 hands to drive the thing and try to keep it straight over any bumps. Rigid seat mount and no suspension makes it more like riding a bull than riding a tractor. LOL

  14. are anti rust coatings worth putting on your deck? (toro time master) or is it more of a gimmick either way I’m willing to clean my deck after every use.

  15. You just helped me understand so much about purchasing a lawnmower. I still don’t know how to mow the lawn but I know how to buy a mower and that’s the job that’s most important to me right now. Thank you.

  16. We all know that minnesotans take mowing seriously…. a tru green state thats flooded with mowing geeks… so with him wearing a minnesota hat…. already becomes a reliable source

  17. Would love to see you make a video on how to use a zero turn mower. Been using mine for two years and still feel like I have to take it slow because it ruts the lawn so easily.

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  19. Serious critique, if you have hills/inclines you must mow, a tractor is more advantageous than a Zero Turn. It was not covered in your buying guide, but I believe its a really important factor for decision.

  20. Just got a mulching plate for my zero turn. Going to move to cutting 2 times a week at 3 3/4” on my cool season lawn and see how it plays out

  21. Would you recommend a push power cutter for a 1,000 ft CA home? I just bought one and want a RWD power 26” mower. But feel my lawn is too dam small for anything like that lol

    I think it will take me 20 min to finish my lawn 😂

  22. I just bought a house and have been turning to your videos for lawn care advice. Thank you so much for putting these up! Also, I love the background music you use in your videos.

  23. Size doesn’t actually matter, in my opinion. 😥 You should not present this in your video because some people may find it offensive.

  24. I have a 14000 square foot lawn and it takes me 75 minutes to mow it with a 42″ riding mower. A 30″ walk behind would take all day

  25. Thanks for the video!

    Regarding “Support Law Enforcement”, American cops are terrorists. I’ll support them when that changes.

  26. I know that I’m in the minority, but I’ve owned both front wheel drive and now for the last 10 years a rear wheel drive. I actually prefer the front wheel drive. Gives me more zero radius action, I just simply pick up the front of the movers, and pivot. When I making these kinds of turns I’m really not trying to go forward at all anyway. When I try to make these moves with my rear wheel drive, the back wheels can be stubborn sometimes. Also prefer Front wheel drive for going uphill. The rear wheel drive kind of wants to pop a Wiheelie. Front wheel drive, just make sure you’re digging your front wheels in real good and it’ll pull you right up. Again I realize I’m in the minority, and thank you for the video!

  27. Great video, refreshing to see someone passionate about something I find a chore. I’ll follow your wise advice and am sure will have much less headaches ahead 👍, also despite your clear experience, you’ve explained at a level majority can understand which is greatly appreciated.

  28. The cutting height is the only thing to look at. The higher the better. Dont cut it low, and water the lawn everyother day at dusk or dawn

  29. I just bought an empty flat corner lot that’s about a half acre and has sidewalks. It is Bermuda, which I don’t know much about yet. But I don’t know whether to go with a ZTR or a riding lawn tractor. I want to be able to bag a few times a year to clean the lawn up and scalp once a year. What mower has the best bagging capabilities at a decent price?

  30. I’m happy with my toro smartstow fwd. Makes for a clean cut and when I’m done, store it upright. It saves a lot of space in my shed. 🙂

  31. 4:50 my 163cc at 4” on st aug just kills the grass. And I have the toro smart stow. I need to find a mower that’s like the flagship Honda but cuts at 5” or at least close to it with striping capability. But now I’m looking for a exmark commercial 30” cause of the height but is there anyway to get that higher height with the Honda or should I go with the 30” exmark. I just want that nice good y’all clean cut even if it’s raining

  32. Thanks for the 75 minute number. North Texas 1 acre was using JD LA105 42″ and it was taking 2 hours which was a bummer. Tonight I mowed with the JD X570 54″ (deck extends beyond the wheels) in 50 minutes. Just push the pedal all the way down and only let off for the turns. Yes, it’s a beast of a mower. No clumping.

  33. I’m in Florida (St Augustine grass) and just purchased the brand new redesigned Honda HRN216 mower. It keeps missing blades in the middle of its path and baffles me. Have you seen any issues with the new Honda deck and anything I should try?

  34. Out of the self propelled Toro’s do you recommend Honda or Briggs and Stratton engine? Also any reviews on the fold up Toro’s? I plan on upgrading to gas from my battery operated Kobalt and it’s all I’ve used since owning my home.

  35. Should last 8-10 years? Hey people, do oil changes, air filter, spark plug, clean it underneath (you know,… maintenance) and you can get more out of the mower. I’m on my 16th season with my Craftsman with a Briggs and Stratton. Just saying.

  36. Lived in FL my whole life and I’ve always hated the ol’ St aggg. You sure have changed my mind on it, I’ve just never seen it properly taken care of.

  37. Excellent video Allyn, you covered a lot of topics with great information. I’ve owned cheap $100 mowers, mowers with big rear wheels that cost $200, a John Deere lawn tractor and now, at our new home, I have a TimeMaster. I like you, have just over 10,000 sqft, and I don’t mention the 2,000 sqft footprint. So the TimeMaster was just barely on the edge of overkill, and I had already sold my JD as I need the exercise. So for three reasons, the exercise, the quality of the mower, and recommendations from you, Ryan, and a few others, I went the TimeMaster. Thanks for all the videos you do and for how much you’ve helped me over the past 3 years since I’ve “found” you!

  38. 8-10 tears? I’ve bought 30 year old mowers and used them for another 12 years before 😂 old snappers are bangin. 675 and 700 Briggs mowers too. You can’t kill them.

  39. Hi LCN – I’m here by way of Cleetus and the Freedom Factory. Do you have a good resource for lawn mower reviews? I’m looking at buying a home with just under a half acre here in the northeast, and I’m assuming I should go ride on because the back yard is a down hill slope away from the house.

  40. 75 minutes would be a dream! I have about 18,000 square feet of lawn, and had been doing it with a Honda 21″ walk behind. That took 1 hr 45 min, then edging took another hour. Just purchased a 48″ ride on, and working on redoing a number of edges to help reduce the amount of edging I need to do. I enjoy the work to am extent, but 3 hours every weekend is draining and means it doesn’t always get done.

  41. how come im using 42 inch zero turn mower to mow 8 acres of grass on my parents property (5 acres of grass on 25 degree slope hill)

  42. You literally covered almost everything that one takes into consideration when actually doing lawns as a profession! Haha! Great vidio

  43. I’m curious how a TimeMaster would do on some moderately steep hills- without having to pay the price of admission? 🤔

  44. My lawn / plot of land I’m not sure which one but I think it’s the lawn is half an acre. Our current mower is a mount field / Toro SP53H with a 51CM deck. However this has recently broken and we have a guarantee. But this is the biggest walk behind mower they offer. What do you think?

  45. Just a question, does more CC’s mean more power? I know you said that you can’t really compare it to HP but I’m just trying to get a better sense of it.

  46. I have 11,500 square feet, I’m going to get a tractor mower. I have 40ish minutes just of trimming, and I plan to do a lot of landscaping projects so the utility of a tractor is also a huge plus

  47. This the mower to buy, large fuel tank. Honda commercial-grade gxv160, Cry and buy once!
    Yes I have a very large lawn and I have a Scag Tigercub 48 for the out side grass. Two acre lawn

  48. @thelawncarenut Hi Allyn, I just found your channel and I lappreciate the advice you are giving out. I downloaded your app and I’m looking forward to learning more to make my yard great. I have a Toro Timemaster 30” walk behind and it seems to have a hard time propelling itself in my st Augustine yard. So much so, that I have been considering a zero turn to speed up the process. My yard is only around 7,500 sq ft. Any ideas on how to get it to work a bit better in the grass? It works fine on concrete, but seems to really bog down in the grass. Thanks for any insight!

  49. I would love to see that reel mower video. Most of the stuff online right now is about cool season grasses and reel mowers.

  50. Another great video! I have about 2.5 acres of actual lawn and another 3.5 of “I don’t care” grass/weeds. I bought a John Deere E180 from Lowe’s. BIG mistake! I hated mowing the lawn after the first few cuts, that mower was so uncomfortable and the lawn was beating it to death. I went to an actual JD dealer to trade it in while it was still in good shape (55hrs, not all mowing) I was going to get an X350, then the salesman showed me the X400 line. I upsold myself on an X590 though… Then I changed my mind again, I now have a JD X758 with a 60″ deck, power steering, 4wd, diff lock, 3cyl diesel engine, suspension seat and a bunch of other stuff. The only thing that takes away from the sting of the price is mowing, or just being on this machine.

  51. I think most prefer fwd for the maneuverability. Easier to lift up front wills to reverse. Really not a big deal.

  52. LCN, I have a Gravely ZT42 with a Kawasaki FR691V engine and I luv it for many reasons. I am going to buy a walk behind self propelled 21″/22″ for the front yard and to get some exercise while doing so. I am leaning toward the TORO Super Recycler but I am looking for some feedback on the various engine offerings. They have the TORO engine which is what the recommend, they offer the HONDA motor and they have brought back the Briggs but only on the stow n go which is not something that I need. My previous Super Recycler lasted me from 1996 to 2013 and the cut was hard to beat. I have used my Gravely at my new home since 2013 and I love it but I want to groom the front and side yards with more emphasis on quality. Any recommendations especially with the engine offerings?
    Thanks, Jim C

  53. I can’t wait until there are battery powered robotic reel mowers available. I plan to have my breakfast and coffee on my back porch every morning during retirement, press the remote control and watch the yard be mowed while eating and sipping a mimosa and when it’s completed I’ll press the other remote and start the rotary sprinkler system spray which sprays like a vertical Bellagio and jump in the pool.
    That’s the plan.

  54. I don’t deal well with the heat here during the summer in NW Louisiana, so mowing becomes a chore. The last year or two was with a Husqvarna 22″ AWD mower. Plenty of power, but still a bit to handle. Wanted a wider cut, like the 33″ CC800 from Cub Cadet. Ended up getting an Ariens Edge 34″ ZTR. Should be showing up this weekend and looking forward to mowing 2-3 times a week with it, even on my smaller lawn.

  55. Buying a mower for our first house. I’m down to choosing between a Honda Hrx and an Ego electric 56v / 7ah. Can’t decide.

  56. 8:28 so is the peacock fern strutting/stretching in your yard also recommended in the dominating your neighbor’s lawn? I laughed so hard at that spot.

  57. What about spreaders, I have 2600sqf, logical sections (150, 200, 1500,750) . Do I get a broadcaster, dropppler, handheld

  58. Then if this video is not spondcerd then out of your pocket how much is a lawn mower cost you the one you’re showing while you’re making strips???🤔🤔🤔

  59. Kind of unrelated question.. I have a 2018 42″ cub cadet xt1 with the mulching kit installed. The plastic plug sucks, any idea where I can find a metal plug?

  60. What do you suggest for 10,000 sqft (0.25acre) backyard? There is a pool and then it slopes downhill from the pool to the end of the fence.

  61. Just here to say that I found you 4 years ago when I moved from the city into a suburban home with a WRECKED lawn. I didn’t even know about mowing let alone weed control, etc. My wife and I followed all of your instructions and now, not a day goes by someone doesn’t say “Wow! You have the best lawn in the neighborhood. How do you do it?!” My response is, “You Tube. The Lawn Care Nut.” Then I write your channel on a post-it note for them 🙂 So, THANK YOU…even though for the rest of my life I’ll never be able to just enjoy a brisk walk without looking at everyone else’s weeds. 🙂

  62. Allen, I just want to say a big Thank You for all the info that You share with Us across the country. I have followed You for 5-6 years and Your videos are so nice and insanely helpful.
    You really do now You stuff and for You to take the time to share and help other across the country is just wonderful. I hope that I get a chance to meet You one day and say thank You in person but until then THANK YOU.

  63. Any advice on gasoline? I’ve always used ethanol free or racing fuel in my walk behind.. lasts two years without treatment, and 5 gallons lasts me awhile.

  64. Hi I have a question should I mulch overgrown st augustan or should I bag it first and then next time I mow, mulch???

  65. God I live in a rural area and I take care of my lawn and my parents lawn that live next door and it takes about 3 to 4 hours riding on a riding lawn mower as fast as it will go to just do the initial cut on both properties. To do all the trim it takes 2 days of nothing but weed whacking. I need to find a good riding mower as the residential riding mowers I have been using wear out too fast when you have to cut that much every week.

  66. I’m in San Antonio Texas with Saint Augustine grass. What’s the best way to level low lying areas are just to bring certain areas up the level with other parts of the lawn is it sand in mulch mixer I mean sand and dirt mix or white or what’s your suggestion

  67. Allyn, since you have multiple mowers, how do you usually store the ones you don’t use on a regular basis? Do you usually keep them empty, or do you keep a small amount of fuel in the tank along with some fuel stabilizer?

  68. How’s the saying go? There are multiple ways to skin a cat just like there are multiple ways to cut your grass! Great video with great guidelines and then after that it’s personal preference. Trial and error to see what you like. Definitely check out your neighbor’s toys and ask to borrow it for a mow and see how you like it. Most neighbors are willing to lend a hand!

  69. Hi, so I have a smaill dip in my lawn that normally gets flooded with water when it rains, making the grass there scarce and thin. What should I do to level it out? I was thinking about putting soil above it and planting new grass but didn’t know what would happen to the old grass.

  70. I was sitting out front of the house Yesterday. I told myself I couldn’t mow the lawn until I saw a NJ License plate. it wasn’t 30 mins later and here came a car from NJ. Damn the bad luck. I had to mow.Whats the chances of that?

  71. Hello LCN, any suggestions on how to control King Ranch Bluestem here in South Texas. I know it cannot be eradicated, but how can it be controlled in the lawn? Thanks.

  72. Allyn, how often do you recommend cleaning off the bottom of the mower deck and what works best for getting all the junk off? I have a Honda HRR.

  73. Allan given your facing a more frequent cutting but time cannot be found would a robot mower to keep the level down then passing with the normal deck to get the stripes twice a week help since the need to bag won’t be as high and the mulching would be done already by the robot.

  74. I cut 15000 sq ft with a 21
    I would LOVE to try a 30″ time master. but 1000 plus tax….for 9 inchs? really?
    I am 350 BUX into my craftsman pro 21 inch with the 190cc briggs. Cuts great, came with a bag.

    AL, 600 bux more for the timemaster…………they are either overcharging or they need competition………they are asking too much dough for it.

    nice idea for a vid? test blades……..low lift-mid lift- hi lift vs gator…….

  75. Nice Hat!!! Been subscribed to you and the Millennial farmer for multiple years. Should head to his place and mow some corn!

  76. I have not yet finished watching this video yet but I have to say…. this is a very informative video. I like it.

  77. I have a question. Pull or not pull the weeds after I have sprayed. They have been dieing for the last month. When I see them dieing I want them gone.

  78. Am I the only person who finds self-propelled mowers more irritating than helpful? I hate the feeling of the mower dragging me along. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it goes back to my early days and my first experience with an old-school push reel mower as a kid.

  79. My man! Perfect timing for this video. I’m debating the 30″ Timemaster or 42″ Timecutter. I’m on 1/2 acre lot with just over 15k sq/ft of turf. Most of that is the backyard, however one side of the house is sloped where I don’t think a Z-Turn could honestly get to and I’ll still need to push mow this section. Probably 10 minutes of push time. My wife thinks I’m crazy when looking at prices, but it’s an investment and will significantly cut down on time, which she definitely cares about! Still have to trim and blow off some stuff. Between the two (since I don’t think I’ve seen any vids on the 42″) which has the better cut? What does better through thick fescue? What should I really consider?

  80. Hey Allyn- I just bought a greenworks 25inch duel blade self propelled electric mower that takes 2 60v batteries. An industry 1st. I really love it and it makes me look forward to my mow every week 😁👍

  81. I tried using just one mower for 25k sq ft lawn… Husqvarna 21hp/46″ deck but it wasn’t enough for the 1/2 acre back yard with a hill and “too much” for the front and sides since it was leaving marks around trees and tearing up spots having to turn around a lot. I picked up a Honda push mower to do the front and around
    the house. Sold the Husqvarna for a barely used Craftsman Pro Series 26hp/54″ deck for the back. Front looks amazing now, especially with DIY striper. Neighbors all jealous. Back, ugh, beat up by the big mower. So it’s possible to have “too much” mower.

  82. If I have sections of my lawn that look “diseased” and but probably 60percebt looks healthy , should I bag or not?

  83. great timing for this video because I NEED to upgrade to a motorized mower, after getting more customers this spring.

  84. Can I ask why people want to have their grass so short? To me the “golf course ” lawn is not ideal and so much harder to maintain. I like my lawn to 3in tall.
    I don’t know about you people but I want to walk on my lawn and it be soft and cool.

  85. I want the Time Master so bad. I’ve got a 22″ Husqy right now….no side shoot, no mulch….stupidly bought it before I found you and Ryan

  86. Convince Toro to at least offer the 2 bail handles rather than Personal Pace everything and you would be a hero!

  87. My go to is a Honda 21 self propelled with blade stop craftsman 30cc 4cycle trimmer and an ego backpack blower this is my lawn care setup as a 16 yr old for my business

  88. Not about mowing…for anyone…can I use Milorganite and Ringer Lawn Restore both for my Memorial Day application? Do you recommend this? Chicagoland area…thank you

  89. Just a quick question is it possible to use milorganite and Green Punch at same application? Of course spreader would be used for Milo. Thank you great videos keep up the great informative videos. Great job!

  90. Do you recommend mulching instead of bagging to improve overall the lawn? Does the temperature or rain matter for mulching? Will it make the lawn grow thicker?

  91. What?! No long-sleeved Columbia shirt when you were outside today? I just ordered a Ferris FW-15 (32 in.) walk behind for my 22k lawn. Kind of pricey but I sure am going to enjoy the mow.

  92. Up to 1/3 acre can easily be handled with a push mower. On top of that, it’s good exercise. I actually enjoy mowing my lawn when I have the grass in good shape. I put on my noise cancelling headphones and find a good classic rock station. This was my Saturday morning routine up until I sold my house last September.

  93. Your certainly a purist!!! Curios have you ever used a scag or exmark . I do landscape work and it’s what we use and they cut soooo nice .

  94. How big is your garage? I have enough problems storing my 21 inch Toro in my 2 car.

    Wish I would have come across your channel a few years ago because I regret not getting a self propelled mower.

    Regardless, you’re a cool cat, LCN. Appreciate the videos!

  95. Hey. This is kind of unrelated but i have a question for you. What kind of products do you reccomend for weeds in my gravel walkways and driveway? Ive been pulling them every year but there has got to be a better solution. Thank you for all your informative videos.

  96. Found you from Cleetus, I love a well maintained yard as well! I has to be striped like a pro mowed it for me.

  97. Love my tractor. I may have to do a little more to turn but with a dump cart, that her, core aerator, spike aerator/overseeder to tow its been well worth it. Next time I’ll probably go zero with a hitch to keep my implements in play.

  98. Horse power and cubic centimetres mean nothing in the lawn mower world. Torque is the master power meter.

  99. I really dig having my zero turn 42” for my 10000sq ft yard. I’m glad to see you have one now! Perfect size mower for a lawn that size… Saves a ton of time. Can double cut without taking 3+ hours now. 3rd season with the Hustler Raptor Kawasaki 21.5HP commercial grade motor. Super stout great motor but I do wish it had more anti-scalp rollers and or a floating deck which are my only regrets with it but didn’t want to shell out for an Exmark or Wright. (Double the price…) upgraded blades this season went with high lift and it improved cut quality. Look at Oregon blades— thicker with longer cutting surface. Looking at gator blades for the fall when I reinstall my chute blocker to mulch.

  100. I noticed that the retailers advertise the 22 inch mowers as appropriate for up to 1/2 acre. Is there a different guideline they are using?

  101. Great video ! I use to run regular toros like the ones in the videos but now I run 21″ commercial toro with the Kawasaki engine and let me tell you it’s reliable ! I use it commercially and residential. Paid 1200$ which is kinda pricy but the quality isn’t cheap

  102. Good afternoon, so I do lawns part time to increase my income… currently have about 10-15 clients.. what would you suggest? I can’t do a zero turn because I don’t own a trailer. Thanks in advance.

  103. Love my John Deere GT235 even though it is a bit big for my city lot, I used to have country acreage that took about two hours to mow. Great shot of some Freedom Factory mowing!

  104. had my two stroke lawnboy for 21 years. it’ll go for another 20 no doubt. if ten years is all you’re getting on a new mower, buy a used one for $20!

  105. I’ve had my 22″ self propelled Toro for 13 years now. Yard is about 9000 sq ft. The gear box on the front drive wheels busted a few years ago and didn’t bother to fix it, so it’s strictly a push mower at this point. Probably replace it with a rear drive in the next year or so. One thing I noticed was I can keep the lines straighter when I don’t use the self propelled feature, but it only had one speed

  106. Especially liked seeing you training Connor on reel mowers(1:00). And, I don’t know how to describe it, but the 8:30 mark was priceless. Thanks for that. I may just have to replace my Toro Recycler. It’s turning 10 in July.

  107. Your info is “spot on” as they say nowhere around here. I’ve had a kid lawn mowing business and then had 3 daughters that wouldn’t mow lawns. So I have been mowing lawns since I was about 10 (and I am no longer a young man!). I’ve always liked Toro mowers, but have found you can get a lot for your money with a Craftsman (Sears), they still around? I’d like to see a video on mowing fields & weeds. There are a lot of differences like cleaning the air filter, techniques like raising the deck to avoid engine cut out, no bagging, wearing something over your mouth and nose to keep dust out, rocks … Lots of opportunity for some nuanced content. Love what you do! 😁

  108. Some people are afraid of zero turns. We got one for my 90 year old grandpa and at the end of his first mow he was comfortable. He mows everyday in the fall during leaf season.

  109. I’m in the NW burbs of Chicago. Our next door neighbor has their house for sale and the dandelions from their yard are infesting ours. Since you’re from here, whats the best thing to use to get rid of those pesky things?

  110. Hi Alan,
    Looking good! I never saw your lawn striped before in Florida that mower does good striping on your lawn.

  111. This video is a great ideal for people who want to buy a good new lawnmower walkbehing or rider lawnmowers check this thumb up video

  112. I mow a little over 7 acres so i have commercial mowers (4 of them, talk about a collection) but diesel engines are way more efficient if you can get them. You pay more up front, but over time you recoup your cost in fuel.

  113. I never understood rear/AWD drive mowers. When I make a turn, it is usually 90 degrees. I lift the front off the ground as they spin and when I am ready I lower them back down. I don’t make sweeping turns so I want to stop when changing directions. If you have hills then the rear/AWD make sense otherwise I don’t get it.

  114. BEWARE Toro mowers with Briggs & Stratton engines! My old Toro w/ B&S still runs today without issue but the new ones won’t last. My newer Toro w/ B&S only lasted 1 season before having to be serviced 3 times the following season to even run & they wouldn’t cover the warranty. I had to pay over $300 for repairs in year 2. The new ones use plastic carbs and made the fuel jet so micro small that it will always clog on you. They went from first to worst by being cheap. Look up all the problems people are having with these engines, it’s not just me.

  115. I’ve got a quarter acre. I’ve got a big back yard and front yard. to me, not big enough for a driving mower, because some of my property is concrete (for a trailer, shed and a fire pit area, plus my deck and shrubs; all in the back) but with a 21″ mower, it can take an 45 minutes to an hour, and that’s not including edging. So, I bought a Toro Timemaster. To me, it’s that perfect medium for the size of yard I have. It cuts the mow down 15-30 minutes, allowing me time for edging, fertilizer, and NXT products.

  116. Hey lawn care nut! Been watching you and seeing Jake the lawn Kid for about two years now great videos by the way really started getting into this stuff! Where I am in New Jersey at least in Lowe’s they sell craftsman mowers seem to be cheaper than Toros but you the more expensive Craftsmans push mowers with self-propelled seems to be about 400 a good one though you can get for 300.I have a 15-year-old craftsman mower that we got in Caesars started for my oldest brother actually When he was in sixth grade anyways still have that thing kicking away great piece do oil changes on that once every 2 to 4 years

  117. Small engine makers switched from using horsepower to using torque as a measure of engine strength. “cc” is a measure of engine size and is generally proportionate to engine power but torque is the power unit now used. All of your big box push mowers had a torque measurement on them.

  118. Great info. Al. 👍🏼

    I have 5,900sf and have a 21” Honda. It takes me about 2hrs+ with a double cut and full cleanup. Like you said it becomes a chore for me. 🤷🏻‍♂️🙄

    I was considering getting the TM in an effort to save me time. Do you really think it’s a huge time saver for the money?

  119. My lawn is 5500 sq ft and I am about to invest in a Super Recycler. But i was planning to get the 190cc. But you are saying I should be fine with the 160cc?

  120. Purchased a battery powered kit with mower (21inch deck and bag and side discharge attachments), trimmer, and blower from Greenworks Pro. I finish my lawn in about an hour if I do a complete job (full trim and mow). I can complete everything with one charge for each item (mower and trimmer). The mower is self propelled, but I rarely use it, as I imagine it would negatively impact the battery life. They’ve all performed amazingly so far.

  121. My lawn is about 50,000 square feet and my first mower was a 50 inch toro time cutter, it was a good mower but I wanted to upgrade, so after a few years I decided to purchase a commercial zero turn, an Exmark Lazer Z with a 60 inch deck. It was quite a bit more expensive than a residential unit but it is fantastic. Everything is built heavy duty and feels solid, the cut quality and striping is better than most residential mowers and it is quite fast as well. It you have over an acre to mow, want a heavy duty mower with excellent cut quality, and don’t mind spending upwards of $10K then you will definitely enjoy the mow with a commercial mower.

  122. My Honda HRX is 13 yrs old and still going good. I will say my DYI stripe kit filled with sand slows it down.

  123. I wanted to thank you for all of the videos you put out. I bought my house over two years ago and have been using a rickety hand me down mower to get the job done. The front lawn was completely dead with most of the area being bare ground spots. Watching your videos has helped me get the entire area green again. My entire property area is around 17000sqft and this video highlighted the problem I was having. Having to push around that old mower over the entire area is exhausting and takes forever. Watching your last review between the Honda HRX and new Toro 2020 Super Recycler finally convinced me to stop doing it the hard way. Having the larger size lawn, I was also looking at the riding lawnmowers, but I have way too many trees and obstacles on the property and a ton of dense grass that was bogging down my current mower and stalling it out. Thanks to you, I decided to pull the trigger on the Toro Super Recycler 21387 with the 190cc engine and Smartstow capabilities. It arrived yesterday and I cant wait to break it out for the time. It is an investment that I probably should have picked up way earlier than this, but I think using the old mower will make me appreciate the upgrade that much more. Once again, thanks for all the courses on Youtube University, they have been invaluable to me. Keep up the awesome content.

  124. Got my first mow in today up here in MN and thought of you and Millennial Farmer – we start outlining the lawn and thought of him doing end rows. Hey – maybe we are all farmers?!?!

  125. Alan, just received my next products awesome fast shipping..gave you a shout out in my video i posted the content you provide..also i just pulled my 21 honda out today..hadn’t used it in probably a good 7 years..ran it empty before storing..fired right up..put new blades on and cut my side yard as a test..

  126. If I’m being honest, When you act like they are spying on you is my favorite skits. Please bring those back. 🤪 content is on fire sir 🔥

  127. You really should do one on commercial mowers. I bought a used Encore 32″ for half the price of a TimeMaster and could never see myself going back to a residential lawnmower. Cut quality is amazing for just the RPM factor. Yes you probably have to do some searching but I am so happy with my mower for residential purposes.

  128. Looking forward to the reel mowers video. I just bought one two weeks ago, old school Great States 18″, but blades measure 17.5″. Some plusses and some minuses, but superior grass blade cut. Now part of my every other day PT program.

  129. If I remember right there was a lawsuit on Briggs for claiming a certain amount of HP. From my understanding HP and torque will both change on a lawnmower based on raising and lowering RPM so none of them are exact because of difference in RPM. When I worked at a local lawnmower retailer we would check and adjust RPM on all new mowers that we assembled to whatever spec that particular manufacturer recommended. So now they just put the CC and don’t claim any specific amount of HP.

  130. I upgraded my push mowers this year to a Honda HRX 217 and the HRS 216 and I Love them !!! Then again I use it for Residential commercial use I got tired of replacing Toro decks every year one thing I noticed about all the Honda’s is their decks are more robust whereas the Toro they tend to wear out and crack around the discharge chute…

  131. So I watched this video and decided to #enjoythemow. My 5yr old mower bit the dust and I bought a new one today. Glad I knew more about what I was looking for #becauseofyou.

  132. I have a rider for 1 acre. Soft areas from septic laterals are terrible. Rider weight causes tire impressions and mud tracks. Once in a while i get stuck. I thought about getting a walk behind so the yard doesn’t get destroyed in soft areas. No one on youtube appears to have to deal with this lol.

  133. When you had the zero turn and you passed in front of the camera and blew the St Augustine grass clippings towards it, I could smell the grass, because I’ve been mowing lawns over 20 years. That tall wet green St Augustine smells soooo good.

  134. About 19,500 sq ft of lawn here (finally measured it today after being here a year… my bad). Love my Timemaster for this but you’re spot-on, most would be happier with a ZTR for a patch this size. In our neighborhood there are equal parts lawn tractors, ZTRs, lawn service customers, and then there’s me.

  135. I have 6K sqft. Can you give me some good reasons to justify the timemaster to the Mrs??? I know I don’t need it. I just want it sooo bad!

  136. Really enjoyed the video.
    Are you thinking about doing one about weed-whackers/edgetrimmers/detail-trimmers too?

  137. I’m surprised you’ve never mentioned the Husqvarna AWD mowers. I love my 22”. Have lots of hills and you can’t beat the AWD.

  138. Weed Whacker and Size is Important…That’s what she said. Gasoline Rules! Videos and Information is Awesome. Thank you.

  139. really enjoy your content on the channel, have not liked watching something this much since the A-team, well maybe tubbs n crockett. I use a john deere quiktrak being the same as a wright mower with a parts counter close by. Your vids have givin me some information on various push mowers. The ybravo is another brand im pulling consultations on. Thank you for the channel n time…….got to run another episode of matt houston is on….

  140. Very information.its a bit different up this way what type of grass seed would you suggest for up north like newhampshire? we have rough winter’s at times and summer is unpredictable lol. ranges sometimes up in 100but might be 1day like that or so but you get my point the grassthat you use.and talk about probley wouldn’t be good up this way and available probley huh? ..what do you think ? But otherwise what do you suggest ?..godbless and be safe

  141. I’m preparing my lawn for sod, what should I be doing we before I lay down the sod? Should I get some better soil? Fertilizers? How about sprinklers? When should I water and how much should I water? Please help. Thank you!

  142. Thank you. I own a John Deere LA135 & need to get under it to sharpen & change the blades. Would you recommend the MoJack XT for my mower & purposes? Is it hard to crank up? I’m a 64 year old woman. Not a whimp, but not a he-woman either. Lol.

  143. I love how Allyn always peppers in “these are not hard rules, just my opinion”

    My guy, what do you think I watch the videos to hear!

  144. The best mower I have is a 2005 John Deere JS63C. It’s a what you would call a zero turn walk behind. Very easy to move around obstacles and your also able to lock the front casters to mow straight. Why others never really followed this concept I’ll never know. Cub Cadet has something similar but it’s not built as well, just goes to show 15 years and still going strong.

  145. I would like to know thought on lawn tractor, Zeron turn, or the newer lines of utility tractor. (JD 1025r, 2035r, etc. even Bobcat has a new tractor). The latter having implements like bucket loaders, 3 point hitch for spreaders, tillers, box blades etc. For a home that landscapes DIY as well as mowing. Where is the line on renting versus buying? Spreading mulch once or twice a year. I am thinking this would be an acre or larger lots.

  146. Allyn,
    thanks for the content. I really look forward to your vids. Question for you. The cement landscape borders on your lawn in my opinion look awesome but going over old videos it seems like they just appeared one day out of the blue without comment. Could you comment on them in an upcoming video as far as if you did them yourself or professionally done and if you like them? Keep the content coming, It’s great.

  147. Back at it with he Millennial farmer hat. I dunno what you’d do but, you should try and collab with MF.

    Edit: I really need a mower but I just can’t afford one at this moment. Even used ones around here cost about as much as new. But I’ll still use mine until she dies 2-3x a week

  148. What is the name of your edging border that separates your beds from your lawn? Brand and/or type? Or is it a colored cement that was put down?

  149. I like my 22 inch Recycler for my 5,000 square foot lawn. It works perfectly for that

  150. Any opinions on where the sweet spot is on the Toro line for price/performance. I see quite a few mowers around $300 that meet most of the specs here but is it worth jumping to $500 for super recycler?

  151. Is there a huge benefit to having the high wheel option in the rear where they are 11″ wheels? Current mower has that but looking at getting one of the Toro Super Recyclers that doesn’t have them

  152. A nice selection of lawn mowers Allyn, I only have two, but I keep them both clean and shiney… Guitars are my weakness, I have 13.

  153. I like my front wheel drive Toro walk behind mower. I don’t think I want the rear wheels running every time I have to make the 180 degree turn.

  154. Allyn, for your information, most mowers do show torque. If you want to know horsepower and you know the torque it’s very easy to figure out. Horsepower equals Torque multiplied by Rpm and then divide that by 5252.
    Hp= TxRPM /5252
    There are many ways to see the engine rpm. You can hook up a cheap 1 wire rpm and hour meter to your mower. These are cheap on Amazon. But most mowers run around 3000 Rpm.
    So let’s say that the Toro you have that is 7.25 torque if it runs at 3000 Rpm…
    7.25 x 3000 =21750
    21750/5252= 4.1 hp

  155. Horsepower dont matter. Get the biggest engine you can afford as torque is what matters to power through thick grass.

  156. I just got a 30″ Cub Cadet rear-engine rider because I want to cut more often and enjoy it. I still have to use a 22″ Murray push mower I’ve had for 17 years for the areas the larger mower can’t fit into. My goal is 3 mows a week. I mowed yesterday in central Massachusetts and today it’s snowing.

  157. Does a zero turn put a lot of stress on the lawn and create ruts or unnecessary compaction? I feel like with all of those quick tight turns and that much weight on the tires, it would be tough on residential lawn.

  158. One thing you didn’t mention about ride vs walk which made me decide is that I didn’t want to dedicate the space for storage to rider.

  159. I’m in the boat of either a SR or Hrx.
    I have a snapper with hi*vac and ninja blade for mulching, but it leaves random blades uncut. I used to run a troy bilt flex 28″ was nice but my property is full of obstacles like Disney land.

  160. I switched to a reel mower for my 5K square foot Zoysia yard last year. For me mowing with a reel mower is a different mind set and mowing is much more enjoyable. Last year I would alternate between the reel and my Snapper mower at around 2 inches. This year I’m cutting at 1/2 an inch with the reel. I really love the look of the lawn although it does show off any unevenness so I will be leveling soon. Once I do I anticipate the yard being gorgeous. I’m looking forward to Allyn’s evaluation of reel mowers he said should be coming soon.

  161. It’s 43 degrees here 😯 can’t enjoy the mow in that, windchill is 37 in mid may 😮 this isn’t normal!!!!!

  162. Mowers may not show you the HP anymore but you can figure it out. Small engines run at 3600 RPM. The front on the mower shows you torque amount. HP is torque x RPM /5252. So for example the Super Recycler shows 7.25 ft pounds of gross torque. 7.25 x 3600 /5252 which gives you about 4.97HP.

  163. I have 7500sqft lawn. I have a 21″ honda hrr. My lawn is mostly up or down a hill. Really want ZT. The timemaster gas tank is so small.

  164. I used to enjoy walking the lawn but it would take 5-6 hours. So I invested in a 42 inch tractor and used it for 13 years until it was hard to get parts to repair. Since I was older and had gain a little weight I bought another self propelled mower. I quickly realized how bad my knees had gotten but tough it out anyway for two years. Now I have a 52 inch zero turn and definitely enjoying the mow again here in north Florida.

  165. I favor Kentucky Blue Grass but have 3.6 acres of manicured field that I just bought and can’t wait to make it better. Probably going the HD tractor route for attachment capability and garden work.

  166. Something I hardly see anyone talk about with discharging grass clippings. If you are mowing near a road, freaking pay attention to traffic!! I drove past a guy mowing near and discharging towards the road and not paying attention. He hit the edge of his gravel driveway and peppered my brand new truck with rocks. This dinged the drivers side doors and bed and nearly blew my windows out. Needless to say, I was livid! You should stop moving and shut the deck or engine off when vehicles drive by. If that’s not possible, don’t discharge towards the road.

  167. I have 10,000 square foot lawn in Iowa I’ve been mowing every three days so far with a Honda push mower from start to finish around one hour trim a and all

  168. I believe by law now small engines are rated in gross torque and not HP. That said you can convert to HP. Since HP = TQ x RPM/5,250 and lawn mowers run at about 3,000 rpm then the HP = TQ x 0.57. So your 7.25 mower is about 4.1 HP. Seems low I know since 10 years ago this mower would have been rated at 5.5 HP. The issue was engine manufactures were rating the HP at peak (to impress customers) which was around 4,000 rpm and not where you were using it. That is why they changed the rating system..

  169. If i want to enjoy mowing my lawn i will use my push mower but for my lawn care business I have lots of big lawns so I may need to use my riding mower.

  170. I moved to a house that has around 70,000 sq ft of front lawn. We ended up getting the Cub 50” deck tractor. Scratched the zero turn because of the need to use a trailer and other things. It easily climbs more than factory recommendations which is needed here. It still takes me a while to cut the grass/weeds. I saw your Simplicity rider and would prefer that but not for the cost. At the old house I used a 1974 McLane front throw. Loved that mower. Good luck to those looking at new mowers. We’re fortunate to have LCN to help us. Thank you nerdy guy

  171. Yeah, my yard is somewhere around 130 to 150k square feet. The terrain makes normal riding mowers and zero turn’s unable to cut some spots because not enough traction. Then on top of that there is an hour and a half to two hours of weed eating. There basically is no option that allows one to enjoy it. Maybe a Ventrac could do it. But I don’t have the cash for that. So, it’s either take two or three days to do it all myself, or pay someone else to do it. And then get pissed at them because they all bring zero turns and tear the yard all to pieces because of said traction issues. I am literally in lawn care hell.

  172. Takes me 2.5 hours due to 1.6 acres of hills, 20+ trees, different levels, retaining walls and having only a 21 inch self Needless to say I do NOT enjoy any part of it

  173. I have a big hill in the backyard, don’t think I could ever get away with a ride mower. I have a 22″ AWD Husqvarna, love it. But a hair under 15k sq ft total between front and back. Next time I’ll definitely look into the 30″ series but, how do they fare on hills being heavier machines?

  174. Hi – great video! I have about 8k in lawn and have a few hills, I’d love a zero turn but am concerned about the stability. Thinking of the 30” time master self propelled as a compromise as my 21” seems to take forever. Thoughts? Thanks

  175. Love my Husky 430XH. Not a DIY? Laying, adjusting, scheduling was done myself. Allows time to fertilize, edge and trim!

  176. As you mentioned, it has a lot to do with your own personality. For example, I love front wheel drive and hate rear wheel drive. I also really don’t like Toro’s personal pace or Honda’s smart drive. I love the cut I can get with a super recycler or the Honda’s HRX, but dislike the personal pace / smart drive options so much that I ended up just getting the recycler with front wheel drive. I feel like they are putting too many bells-and-whistles on the mowers that have good cut just to justify the cost. I would be happy to pay $50-$100 for the better cut that super or the HRX gives over the recycler, but I don’t want all the personal pace stuff. Also, if you are scalping Bermuda, make sure you consider your bag. Toro’s bag is a dust collector making it nice while mowing but a pain to clean after. I still wish I had my old craftsman just for the bagging while scalping (so much bigger and better dust control while emptying it).

    So over all, just try them out to see what you like. Borrow ones from friends, neighbors, and family. Make sure to try the handle position at the store (I am tall, so one that will not adjust high enough can be a problem).

  177. Advantage of smaller mowers is them not digging into the grass. Big ride ons or big walk behinds can rip up the turf.

  178. I had been buying the cheapest mower for years, and finally invested in a Toro Recycler, quite a difference in the quality of the mow.

  179. Front propelled is nice because you can momentarily disconnect the propulsion without trying to throttle the handle.

  180. To iterate what I said on your video on the 52″ Simplicity – and I can’t stress this enough – if you ever mow any inside curves, a ride-on mower that has a deck only as wide as the mower itself is a huge pain. I have the 38″ Simplicity and love everything about it except that the left side of the deck doesn’t extend beyond the tires so I can’t cut-in without the left front tire going into a flower bed and crushing the edging. So I have to hit it with the trimmer later or change my edging radii to match the mower’s capabilities. Either way, I made work for myself and I hate that. Probably being the first person ever to use “radii” in a sentence on a lawn care channel helps me cope. 🤣🤣

  181. Hell make a living >>>get a sponsor, its America!! Besides you will only promote what you believe in anyways!!<<<<<<<<

  182. Great video Allyn! If I was in need of a lawn mower I’d have plenty of info to make my decision. I’ve owned my Honda HRX217 top of the line mower for over 15 years. I didn’t take good care of it when I first had it but the last several years I baby it. I even upgraded the folding handle clips. It’s running as great as the day I bought it and I foresee having it for quite a bit longer. So even though I paid over $800 for it I consider it money well spent! Thanks for all of the great content you keep churning out!!

  183. Just bought a John Deere E130 and love it. I love sitting back and relaxing while also taken in some sun when ever that happens ( SW Missouri BRRR ). Its my 2nd one i have owned and at 71 years of age i deserve to relax at my mow and i hope you do to. Mow on and drink responsively, Cause the beer you spill wont be mine.

  184. Has anyone heard whether or not Allyn’s podcast will ever start back up? Thanks for all your hard work and great content, Allyn!

  185. Great info al! I love my reel mowers but there is just something about a leisurely mow on the 42″ JD tractor that’s enjoyable from time to time.

  186. This is pretty sad whenever you pop up on my phone I stop everything to watch your videos. I’ve learned a lot from you and about my Saint Aug thanks!

  187. Love the green screen with you talking and the video in the background, gives that old school crown point feel with a newer style . Great video brother !

  188. Walk behind a self propelled mower not pushing it. I prefer a powered reel mower and yes they are homeowner mowers and aren’t really and advanced strategy as most people in England always use one. Rotary mowing is definitely a US thing,

  189. Always a great show you should tell the companies the lawn community likes more things made American not in China

  190. After 10 years of service I retired my Recycler (still runs just wanted something new) and joined the Timemaster family. I love this mower! Only complaint is it burns through fuel. Can’t double cut my 8K lawn without refueling.

  191. First off I’m new to the DIY lawn care. Bought new home in December. Lawn is about 13.5k to 14k. Bought the 30′ timemaster because of your reviews. Used it about six times and love it. Just wanted to say thank you for your videos and helpful tips on youtube and your cool season ebook.

  192. I’m being forced to push a 1/2 acre until my carb for the rider shows up. I’m not enjoying it too much. Lol

  193. Way to break it all down Al! Nice and comprehensive as always! Love all the retro footage Al! Good ol’ green screen 😁

  194. ..and support your local dealer instead of big box stores. QUALITY of mower is different too as well as “service after the sale” just ask the local dealer whose mower gets serviced FIRST if needed. Take your time and be sure what you’re getting before you plunk down $$$$. Not all mowers and service is Not created equal….

  195. I have a 4k sqft lawn. I have a ton of edging I have to do. It takes me an hour and a half to mow and I’d love to cut down the cut time.

  196. I bought my house when I was 25. Large yard. Young and stupid I thought I didn’t need self propel . 15 years later same mower and pushing 40. I need a self propel.

  197. Old Lawn Boy guy here. 40 years old and starts on first pull for first mow of the year. They never die! Great stuff LCN!

  198. Great video and analysis. I have a 42in cub cadet tractor that will not stripe when in mulching mode. Does that happen with all ZT, walk behind and tractors?

  199. Had my 190cc Timemaster for about 4 years. Never going back to a 21″-22″ deck. Almost always bag to keep the weeds from spreading. Noticed the Mowers, Inc. sticker on the Super Recycler. Good people.

  200. For sharping my blades I can pop off my John Deere d120 42” deck in less than 10min if that. It’s 6 quick pins and a belt. If I had to go as fast as possible it could de done in 2min. If your mower is 42” you can fit them in the back of a pickup. Just need ramps. Cheaper than buying and registering a trailer. So if you need to take it to another property like me. It works great. If you go through ramp route get longer ramps. Even the harbor fright ramps with an arch aren’t good enough. I had to modify them also to make it work. Get some 9ft ramps. Or look into the big boy 10-12” ramps. Those are awesome but not cheap.

  201. NJ weather is still all over the place. Woke up this morning to find top of trash can lid with ice on it. My grass is so confused.

  202. Just put a flower bed in with a lot of perennials got any good tips on how to keep the flowers healthy and alive during the spring and summer times love to hear back thanks

  203. Best advice for budget. Don’t cheap out and buy what you really want. Take advantage of the zero percent finance deals.

  204. I would love to add a 30” mulching mower to complement my tractor, my JD S240 puts down some amazing stripes and bags great, but it’s not the best with mulching even with mulching blades, sometimes I just want to mulch and get some exercise.

  205. 9:03 I never saw that footage, must’ve saved it for the highlight reel? Hope you’re OK brother! Real quick, can you comment on the Timemaster bad reviews on quality? I’m on the fence, and need advice, perhaps Toro has addressed prior issues with latest model (Hoping?) This video should be watched by every homeowner. Thanks AL.

  206. This video is right on time. Looking for a reasonable mower my teen sons can handle. Something easy so I don’t have to hear complaining 😊.

  207. A little of subject but I have a question. If I have a professional company coming out to put chemicals down. Is it ok to put milorganite down or is that over kill? I was doing it all myself from your plan but working 6 days a week limits my diy capabilities.

  208. To change blades/ clean under the deck with a zero turn you can skip the jack and just pull the front wheels onto a higher surface, wedged blocks, trailer gate, or a hill to change the blades. chock the rear wheels and raise the deck all the way up 👍🏻

  209. I just bought a Toro 22″ Recycler last season and I love it. All mowers I’ve ever owned are self propelled and I feel that is worth it, making the mow more enjoyable. My recycler replaces my old Craftsman 21″ self propelled. The quality is so much better. I do have the Koher motor too and not the Honda. I have always had Briggs & Straton engines so Koher is new to me.

  210. It’s cool that people that use walk-behind mowers. I may have a screw loose. I cut 1/4 acre with a push mower, and I like it. Damn good cardio, 6% body fat.

  211. I just bought a Toro 60v 6.0 amp hour battery. I’m gonna post all thoughts and stats of it if your worried about going to batteries .

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