BIGGEST FLEX YET Lithium Polymer (STACKED) Power Tools LEAKED!

BIGGEST FLEX YET Lithium Polymer (STACKED) Power Tools LEAKED! One of the #VeryCoolGang sent over a very peculiar picture that shows what seemed to be the usual Tool Kit but once I took a closer look it revealed that Lithium Polymer pouch cells in a STACKED array would motivate these FLEX Power Tools. We’re the first to LEAK the biggest Flex from the power tool industry yet! We share all the advantages of lithium ion pouch cells over their lithium ion cylindrical cell counterparts and tell you why you should be excited about this new line of tools powered by Lithium Polymer (STACKED) pouch cells! #leaked

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165 thoughts on “BIGGEST FLEX YET Lithium Polymer (STACKED) Power Tools LEAKED!”

  1. Wonder if they will drop anything new before the registration time runs out for the founder’s warranty. If these dropped by then that would be awesome

  2. Imagine if chervon put this in their flex 24v, skil 18v, and skil 12v then patented it, they would Milwaukee would no longer be king

  3. Like that the battery format is the same, footprint exact same with reduced weight and even backwards compatible, that’s great.
    Do wonder if will be weighted thoigh to help offset the tool weight so it’s balanced like most tools are now 🤔
    Thx Vince✌🏻

    1. Good questions Aepek, hopefully we can answer them soon! I’d like to see what this type of technology can add where the rubber meets the road! 👍🏻

  4. That’s been technologies biggest problem , it’s outdated before it gets dated and then it gets shoved out the door to the people to make the companies millions on products that just repeat themselves .. they are made with cheap grade products to maximize profits because they know it’s being replaced . We have so much junk and garbage in the technology world it’s pathetic . Will we ever see the true technology in our lifetime ? Or just more garbage repeating itself while making millions for off shore investor’s . Oh yeh great job Vince !!

  5. I’m excited to see this become the industry standard and what will be the next generation of tools to become mainly cordless at a fair price.

  6. You mean like Radio Controlled cars, trucks, airplanes and helicopter batteries have been for at keast 10 years. I remember those awesome 12 – 15 minute run times! WOW! And how they would fail? Spectacular!
    They do operate with very high current both charging and discharging. Watch some videos of pro aerobatic helicopters, OMG!

  7. You gotta love Vince.
    He took us to school on this one.
    He went deeper than a “Navy Seal” with All the Facts!
    I hope other Tool Manufacturers follow suit without changing the battery format so that we can take advantage of the tech without buying all new tools.

    Maybe then “Big Red” will REALLY Bluetooth some batteries in order to simplify dust filtration using thier existing vacs.
    It’s a dream I have!

    Go Vince!

  8. Sup fam. Dewalts gonna be pissed they leaked their own lithium polymer batteries a while ago and I figured they’d release with the 850. Maybe patent issues came up, either way huge move for Flex.

  9. Cool info. What about lithium sulfate, and the solid state stuff? The future is looking interesting! 🤨 lol thanks Vince!

  10. Not as good, true they are lighter, but more prone to failure. Higher risk they blow out. They are more prone to fall damage too.

  11. Yo Vince! Great in-depth explanation. Thank you. 😎👍 One question remains: what is the runtime on these batteries? 🤔 Seems that if there’s more power released (through less resistance) the runtime could be shorter. I’m curious.

    1. I honestly don’t know anything about the configuration of these packs yet, everything I know, you now know! As soon as I find out if it’s all real I’ll see about sizes and runtime! 👍🏻 thanks Cuz!

  12. I tell ya all what @ 1.05 Vince really knows how to F.L.E.X those guns !!!!!!!!!! hahahaha love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!! Eric from Michigan DUTY CALLS PLUMBING AND SEWER ……….LOVE THE VIDEO ……….FLEX BABY ………

  13. This is really exciting stuff, I wonder what this might do to the form factor of current lithium batteries (particularly M18) and their durability overall. I appreciate the heat dissapation, but how would it hold up to a drop from say 3-4 feet? They may be flexible, but if they are gel based, will they leak more readily? 🧐

  14. When I learned the first time from this channel that a new power tool is coming to the game as this Flex power tool I was excited because I said that means more ideas and more minds on the electric power that will come more fun things for us.

  15. Nothing really new about this. How do you think phones and small electronics stick so much battery into such a small space. Thing is Electronics industry has many more years and scientist designing their special used batteries. Any company could have made into any size or shape. The more money you have to invest better the sciences the better the technology the battery new tool and even though these companies are owned by several large companies they don’t always share that technology in fact I really do

  16. The Chemistry is basically the same, there’s just less resistance within the internal connections

    The life cycle claims seem bogus – we will have to see.

    Pouch cells have such a horrifically bad history that this seems like a bad development . Look at all the bad Nissan Leaf batteries and the recalled Chevy Bolt packs . All of them pouch cells. Get ready for swollen tool battery packs busting up tools and chargers and causing some fires. Just no, no no

    Milwaukee could already dramatically increase the power to volume ratio of MX Fuel batteries . Compared to Greenworks 80V it’s an utter joke and quite shameful. Giant MX batteries that are twice the size yet half the watt hours of other quality 80V platforms’ batteries.

    If Tesla couldn’t figure out pouch cells, sticking w cylindrical, I wouldn’t bank on TTI pulling it off successfully. They’re only doing it because pouch is cheaper, and they will sell more batteries because they will have lower life despite the claims . Mark my words !

    1. @VCG Construction i did watch it , i just mixed up flex and mx/tti i don’t own either of these and am not very familiar w flex. but the point stands that any tool manufacturer going down the road of pouch cells needs close scrutiny. we need to know where are they getting the cells from ? a lot of major manufacturers including LG Chem have screwed up pouch technology despite huge efforts to get it right . the vast majority of lithium battery incidents have come from lipo pouch cells ..

  17. “lack of standardization” the plague of batteries since forever. This is great news though. Seems like it’s been a long time since Lithium ion replaced NiCd and I’ve been wondering when we’d be seeing the next generation. 2022 is going to be an interesting year. Thanks Vince!

    1. There should definitely be a standard battery like in Europe. I would love to have multiple tool brands on 1 battery platform

  18. First off, these aren’t Lithium Polymer batteries they Li-Ion in a pouch cell, Lithium Polymer batteries would be a true break through as they would be Solid state and basically unable to catch fire. Problem is manufacture, Li-poly batteries are still int he lab and haven’t left because they are to complex to make otherwise the likes of Tesla, Panasonic, LG, Sony, and every other battery maker would be on this like white on rice.

    These batteries would be an absolute Safety hazard, all it would take it something like a nail or screw to puncture the casing and that battery will start a fire, a toxic fire. To add to that , they would need an amazing battery management system to prevent the cell from expanding and catching fire that way (if you want a prime example the Samsung note phones that caught fire were mostly because the battery swell enough that the phone’s case put enough pressure to short the cells ending in fire).

    Now if chevron managed to solve those problems with a new chemistry? great nothing to worry about, but if they didn’t? then these batteries should never be touched.

    1. @VCG Construction Not really, all Samsung learned is they didn’t leave enough space for the cell to expand in that phone design.

      As others have mentioned the only currently known “safe” chemistry is Li-Fe batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) but they have a glaring issue, the lower power density.

      If they were to pack those cells in tight enough to get more energy density than cylindrical cells we would be back to exploding batteries because the cells won’t have the room to expand and contract as they heat up from charging and discharging.

      But we will see once these come out. Honestly I’d love to see tool batteries made from Telsa’s new batteries, But they would be limited to the larger high amp hour pack 😛

    2. Exploding Samsung phones haven’t been a thing in years… sounds like you answered your own questions, thanks!

  19. Companies test products out all the time. This would never work lithium polymer batteries can be extremely dangerous if not used correctly.

    1. Backwards and forwards compatible is what I’m reading! So they ain’t forcing you in to a new platform if it’s real!

  20. Hello again Vince and Vcg
    Thank you for another Great Video. I am looking forward to seeing more of this battery platform take over. Again thank you

  21. Basically mobile phone batterys 🤣most of them are 3.7 volt 3000 or 5000mah 4 or 5 these pouches in a battery box would work like but heat will be a issue if they just stacked on top each other

    1. It’s the same parent company as EGO, you know they have a strategy to deal with any limitations if it’s real!

  22. Looks like Chervon is going to make another huge impact in the industry with Flex and their battery platforms!

    I guess we’ll wait and see!

  23. well the biggest reason why manufacturers should choose cylindrical cells is because they are more robust against physical stresses. there are multiple ways this comes into practice. however you could argue that in a power tool battery there is already space lost by the durable outer casing. so there is already protection in some of those ways. but keep your eyes on the prize. because gel electrolyte are not it. and may in fact blow up in your face. what we should be hoping for beyond that are the new GM solid lithium ion batteries. which GM are making now for their future EVs. and yes since pouch or cylinder is just a packaging format you can combine them both. but would i buy flex 24v pouch cells in the meantime? well yes maybe. we do all use them in our cellphones after all. however i would prefer to wait a few extra weeks /months after launch. and do more research as to find out more and try to play it safe as the manufacturers don’t always get it right. we have had massive recalls of these things in the recent past. both in phones and more recently EVs. so what is flex doing is kindda sensible in the way whereby it seems like maybe they are going for a staggered rollout? (only with some products at first?) and also keeping the traditional option at play. in case there is in fact an issue then they can just go back to the normal cells. still that is not the ultimate goal here – one of the big power tools companies need to sign up an exclusivity deal with general motors. and who should that be then? an all american company like craftsmen? or milwakie maybe? because it feels kindda strange thinking that flex would be the ones to be getting such a golden ticket. and what about sub licensing eh? and antitrust? has flex got any bartering chips they can put down on the table? like for example patents – did they patent this pouch cells specifically? or anything else the other players actually need?

  24. What does one of those batteries cost?? Guess I’m gonna keep having to buy from the guys that steal from home Depot lol

    1. I honestly have no idea, but when MX was announced I thought this was the technology they would be using, I was wrong,

    1. Imagine a vcg construction battrey technology seminar where all the diffrent tool companies meet in a conference kind of room and discuss battrey tech for hours lol

  25. LiPos cant hold charge for more than a few days. They go puffy afterwards. Unless theyre gonna put a battery management system like those DJI drone batteries and make the batteries waay more complex and expensive than they should be.

  26. lipos are strong, but theyre really dangerous, way more attention is needed to care and charge than most people are willing to put up with, or realize..

    1. @VCG Construction ugh, yes ok. you can’t vent a lipo when abused it will create gas in the battery that cant be released, leading to a possibility of an exothermic runaway if they cant expand properly, like per se in a plastic battery shell?? (or samsung s8?) Lipos are used safely in low power demand application, like phones, laptops etc. and high power demand applications like RC planes and vehicle where they can be readily inspected for this defect(the battery cells are exposed). The Cylindrical batteries are designed with vents, and are a tried and true design. The difference between the two batteries these days is literally the cell design. Lipos hold more power but are less safe than the cell based batteries due to the issue stated above, if you think it’s cool to have puffed lipos in your house/tool box etc.. be my guest, when I get a puffed lipo, I drive a nail through it. Dont trust it at all.

    2. Way more attention than what? Without software or limits lithium ion cylindrical batteries are just as dangerous if not more! 🤣🤣

    1. @VCG Construction if they want any chance of competing with milwaukee and Dewalt they need to do exactly what you just said.

    2. We do service work as well and love my 12v tools for it, but I’d like to see them complete an entire platform before moving in to a second! Or atleast fill any gaping holes! 🤣

    3. @VCG Construction definitely fits the demand and large trade. I’m just an assembler, intrigued by the battery tech!

  27. They make the powder much better, when you pulverized the particle, it became graphene. Where the specific binder keeps it atomic, thus not clumpy like graphene’ies. A chemists job is to test a multitude of trials, but then an engineer just grabs what not, so a store sells all generations.

  28. Not sure a switch to Li-po batteries is going to be revolutionary for the tool world. Yes they charge faster, but they also store less energy and are prone to overheating when being pushed to deliver high currents like power tools require. I do think there’s a place for them in the compact and lightweight tool batteries. They would definitely make a slimmer pack. However i personally don’t think that current “compact” packs are cumbersome enough to justify the higher cost.

    1. New tech is awesome! If it wasn’t for innovation we’d still be using Nicad, or plugging in to the wall!

    1. @Duey_didit The real future is solid state batteries. Those are gonna be the real game changers. But we’re at least 10 years out from those being available on anything cheaper than a car.

    2. @VCG Construction naw its gona be a bit there is talk of a billionaire backing Graphine tech growth and they will be in a vehicle from rat but when that tech hits a power tool it will be life changing insane power and life from a tiny foot print

  29. The only issue I see is it won’t change the battery size. Plus cost. Lol. I use them regularly as I mentioned in my RC’s and they drain fast. Even larger amped batteries. Race RC guys like 75mph, not Walmart ones😂😂

    1. Well they advertise more power, and longer battery life, I would assume they would be talking about the density of the energy stored inside the battery resulting more ah or Wh inside a smaller battery, but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

    2. Yeah, from what I understand you can rapidly discharge and charge pouch much faster than other technology!

  30. My RC airplanes have been using Li-Po batteries for 25+ years. Now I can have the same puffy batteries in my impact driver. Great….

    1. Yeah expansion is the biggest issue with pouch cells. But that will greatly depend on battery chemistry. I guarantee the chemistry in your 25 year old RC planes is not as good as the chemistry they’ll be using in these tools.

  31. Will be interesting to see if that tech for power tool battery packs is patented, and what will the other manufacturers fire back with

    1. Well, Li-Ion batteries can be very dangerous also, just remember Samsung phones and not only with Li-Ion batteries that exploded a real nightmare years ago and also Li-Pol batteries that if done well the benefits can be a battery that lasts much longer in time i remember my old Sony Ericsson K750i from 2005 and even now I still have it around the house and the battery on that phone still works flawlessly and went through several hands first it was with me for about 5 years then it was used by my wife for about 3 years then went to my father for about 4 years and now he is with my son he plays with him, and if that battery was not stressed then no battery was, so if the Li-Pol battery are made properly you have absolutely no problem with it.

    2. I agree. I’ve had lipo batteries blow up in my house, luckily I had them in lipo charge bags (for an rc car). I keep a dewalt impact in my race truck but will never leave a lipo battery in that truck. Too sensitive to heat and hard impacts. A fire is the one thing a race vehicle can never come back from.

    3. The safest battery chemistry atm is Lithium Iron Phosphate. BUT they’re nowhere near as energy dense as Li-ion.

    1. @VCG Construction what tools would you recommend me to buy if I’m starting to work in the electrical field? Thanks for saying hello! VCG!

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