My Makita Cordless LXT Tools Review

A video about all my Makita Cordless LXT tools and my opinions of them. Also why I chose Makita, why I prefer cordless tools to corded and what I’d like to own and what I wish existed in the range!

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Makita tools in this video:
Makita Cordless LXT Impact Driver (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Drill (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Circular Saw (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Router (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Oscillating Tool (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Jigsaw (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Random Orbit Sander (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Hand Planer (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Cordless LXT Angle Grinder (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita Twin Rapid Battery Charger (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita 5.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)
Makita 4.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK)
Makita 3.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK)
Makita 2.0Ah 18v Battery (Amazon UK) (Amazon US)

Other tools mentioned in the video that I think highly of:
Bosch PSB1800 Drill (Amazon UK)
Bosch PST700E Jigsaw (Amazon UK)
Silverstorm Power Belt File (Amazon UK) WEN Power Belt File appears to be the same tool (Amazon US)

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444 thoughts on “My Makita Cordless LXT Tools Review”

  1. mid level tools ? really? maybe the ones you use…Makita is a pro level tool company. idk why people still think otherwise

  2. For me my father had used the Makita platform for years. I knew he liked then and never failed him! So that’s the reason why I bought Makita tools, along with being able to borrow each others tools that is LUL

  3. XSB01Z is the model number for the detail finger sander thing in the US, if you somehow have missed it coming out since you made this video.

  4. Amazing that you coordinated the North American model #s as well.
    I bought a bunch of my Makita 18Vs in Tanzania (Saudi imports), before moving back to Canada, so that’s good to know!

  5. Finally, an excellent review of all the Makita cordless tools. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Your videos are really great because you explain things so well and show the practical uses of each tool. Thank you.

  6. Thanks for this. Have a Makita drill and corded random orbit sander, but needed a cordless circular saw and wanted to confirm I wouldn’t regret it 😉

  7. I build rvs for a living and use a 3 speed makita impact they r perfectly fine smaller than my old dewalt but works just as good if not better

  8. You mentioned that you used the old Erbauer range of tools. I completely understand why you went with Makita but a little side note: Erbauer have a new range of tools which from what experience I have with them plus the countless number of good reviews they are certainly a great budget tool brand for anyone interested. Not a huge range but they include most of the tools you would need plus corded and cordless random orbital sanders! 🙂

  9. Dewalt makes a orbital sander that’s cordless. It’s been out a few years now. Maybe not available everywhere??.

  10. As an apprentice carpenter I bought the Dewalt XR range. Mostly brushless 3 5.0 ah 1 4.0 ah and 1 9.0 ah

    So far I feel that dewalt feel tough but I did use the carpenters makita tools and enjoyed them they felt very similar but I feel dewalt are a tad bit more powerful especially the multi tool and combi drill

  11. A couple months ago I picked up a brushed pair (Drill and impact) for 35 USD each. Its nice to have a spare of each if you’re switching back and forth between bit sizes or screw head types.

  12. Batteries are flawed design. The yellow tab covering the contacts breaks very easily. Once the tab is broken the battery is useless. Every other company protects the contacts.

  13. I grew up with my mother having Makita tools including some of the more affordable versions, and they are still running 10 or so years later.

  14. Mate your tools look new and unused…have you tested them like a professional?

    I have never seen this color makita machines, how many colors are there these days? I always thought the ones with a strange color were the fakes from China.

    1. Just got a Makita cordless impact driver yesterday, I felt like a kid with a new toy. It works great got the job done fast, easy to use. I’m amazed took me so long to realize how good impact drivers are compared to drills.

  15. Oh man, I’m looking at all the same models and they’ve all risen in price by £10 – £20, that all adds up!

  16. In case if one of you wants to skip any section, the index is below
    Why I choose Makita 0:51
    Why I prefer code less 3:00
    Those I Own 4:25
    Those I’d like to own 16:11
    Those I wish existed 16:42

  17. Great video. I use 3 battery platforms. Dewalt, Milwaukee and Makita. I do like my Makita tools but my Milwaukee are the best of the three platforms for my uses. My issue with Makita is the battery and charger plastic connector. It breaks and is too delicate then the Milwaukee which has a better battery due to its durability. I like and use all three but for different work. Most of my saws are Makita, ‘specialty tools’ dewilt and daily tools (everything else Milwaukee).

  18. I like brushed tools I have some BL tools as well but I do prefer the brushed ones because they are so easy to repair

  19. I was tool shopping on a budget and came across the Makita 6 tool combo for 299. I was also considering Ryobi for the price, but was nervous about the issues if past Ryobi products. Yes they are not brushless, but they are a starter set and as I make more money I will upgrade as needed.

  20. I bought ryobi impact driver and drill , they had LED’s all over the place, the drill chuck’s had more play than the old drills I was replacing , the metal parts were plastic !! Complete rubbish I fired them rite back, bought makita they are awesome

  21. Hello from Manila, Philippines. I’m undecided which is I should start collecting – the LXT or XGT tools? I just a weekend hobbyist. Please advise

  22. I like Makita, and like you I’ve noticed that virtually every workman I’ve ever had in my house uses Makita. On the other hand, their range is so disjointed – different model numbers between the US and UK, green/black/white models, and I’ve got no idea which are brushless or not most of the time.
    That makes it hard to buy them confidently – while DeWalt, while slightly more expensive, has one model number, puts the word “Brushless” on the side of things that are brushless, and have one main range plus FlexVolt which you don’t run into much. I tend to buy DeWalt, despite the extra cost, simply because I can look up what I need, watch some reviews, and buy it more confidently
    Milwaukee have the same problem as Makita for the most part – inconsistent model numbers make it hard to buy, even if you can get hold of it in the UK without an insane markup

    1. Dead rite mate, I’m amazed at how complicated they make it, and nearly went dewalt because of this very reason !!

  23. Your buying all makitas cheapest tools and calling makita mid range. Buy their top range then do a review. I think you’ll be surprised cost a bit more tho but worth it.

  24. Couldn’t live without Compact driver, soooo good….! Just bought a Milwaukee C.D. and it is very powerful indeed…!

  25. The different model serial numbers in different countries needs careful consideration if buying on line from overseas, especially when comparing individual tools supplied with combo packs. There are several versions of the same capacity drills and drivers. Checking specifications, eg. Gear construction materials, functions included- reverse, trigger variable speed, mechanical gear/speed selection etc..can affect job suitability, power consumption, durability, price etc. are only some of the variables that appear in similar capacity tools of the same brand.
    Sanding processes require considerable power, consistent speed and durability coupled with correct sanding discs, sheets, belts etc. and operator skill to maintain good work quality. Proper consideration and application to particular surface preparations of these factors would require specialised videos, but, in general, longer process times will favour corded power supplies to help maintain speed consistency and the dust collection off the tool which is commonly necessary. Thousands of rpm in dust prone conditions over however long time places considerable stress on machinery seals, bearings and vibration absorption. The limited available selection of battery powered sanders is understandable given the manufacturers cannot predict the duration or type of material use that machinery is subjected to. Videos of tool maintenance cleaning, replacement of worn components including work quality impacts due to neglect of these issues could save tools, reduce damage to work and ease operator safety and frustrations to suggest a few consequences. Awareness of these issues could contribute to tool selection and future purchases. Cheers, Gary

  26. Bought a new mikita BL 5″ grinder with 4ah battery to use in my engineering business they are a total waste of money 12 to 14 minute grinding on a full charge they are a odd job DIY tool have had it checked out buy mikita they said it had no faults so there you have it the most important bit of information in making a decision to buy 12-14 minutes that’s 4 batteries per hour useless in a professional workshop

  27. Hate how the batteries just stop charging. There’s still plenty of life left in them but once the chip thinks it’s time to die then it’s off to the dump. Maybe the newer ones are better 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. Really like your channel. I’ve got all Makita tools also. Wish I’d bought the oscillating saw and jig saw instead of corded models. Thinking of getting the circular saw and palm router. Have you had any experience with knockoff makita batteries? I bought some on amazon and they seem to work fine. Sometimes I have problems ejecting them from the tool. But other than that it has been a good low cost option for more batteries.

  29. Thank you for the excellent opinion you give on all Makita machines you own. I now have a few and will buy more, partly due to your good explanation of the makita devices. I wonder if you have bought new devices in the meantime.

  30. Great reviews dude,I’m a big makita fan, spend way to much money on new gear!! Very pro reviews compared to mine, good work sir.

  31. I’m currently bit annoyed with Makita, they launch their new range of screwdriver bits ‘Impact XPS’ which are on sale in the US, but as yet not anywhere in Europe, go figure!! what’s going on? Anybody got any views to add?

  32. I’ve got a lot of makita stuff and I think the price/quality is very good. I have some high end stuff too but I just love the makita. Also, you’ve gotta have the radio and coffee machine!

  33. Once you buy the “first one” it becomes an addiction!!!!!! I have:
    3 7′ skill saw
    2 grinders (4.5 in)
    1 vacuum
    1 sawsall
    1 blower
    8 batteries (3.0 ,5.0 and 6.0)
    And buying a few more in a near future

  34. Side note,
    My 12″ Makita brushless duel bevel sliding miter saw owns festool’s 12″ miter any day of the week

  35. Real quick bro,
    Top shelf Makita lines are high end premium tools
    Festool is drastically overpriced and overated.
    Hilti is overpriced as well but a better buy than festool.
    Makita has many different lines of tools,
    From low end homeowner stuff, to high end tradesman stuff. Different options and models.
    I assure you, the top end brushless drills, impacts, routers, saws, vacuums etc… Ain’t cheap. I’m a tradesman from the States and from a experienced point of view, aside from Hilti and festool, Makita and Milwaukee are the priciest, followed by DeWalt, Bosch, Fein, and Metabo.
    I need and use high end tools everyday, but won’t be ripped buying Hilti (which I like actually) or festool.
    I’d say best bang for your expensive buck would be Makita, then Milwaukee, then Bosch. I don’t like DeWalt, but respect them as well. Best reliable bargain brands would definitely be Ridgid and Porter Cable.
    Hope this helps.
    And keep building!
    Meyer Electrical

    1. Absolutely agree. When I heard him say Makita wasn’t high end I gasped, lol. Price-wise Makita is pretty close to Milwaukee.

  36. Now…I have decided to buy MAKITA tools, you have succeeded in making me made my decisions about cordless tools. With love from Nigeria.💯🆗✔

  37. I think the mistake I made was in buying a drill driver and an impact driver instead of two drill drivers. It is really nice to have a drill in one and the driver bit in the other, but the impact driver is just to powerful for all but the biggest screws, anything below 5mm just gets snapped.

  38. Unfortunately makita quality has gone from good to shit real fast.. the batteries wont last, the tools break easily and all I have is makita and sadly looking to jump to other brand

    1. Not sure which models you have cause I’ve seen lots of people with tools that are running strong. I’m thinking you have defective ones. Their quality is still fantastic and they still use a lot of Japanese made high-nd parts as opposed to Milwaukee that is completely based in China now. If Makita doesn’t do the trick I don’t think another brand will be much different.

  39. One great feature of makita drills the others don’t have is the light staying on. Touch the trigger briefly and you can see to line up the bit before you start driving.

  40. From my experience, you should buy less expensive 18v line (ridgid or below) and premium corded tools that you solicit more. For example if I only have to make a few drills, I use a cheap 18v porter cable, but if I need to put a lot of holes, I take the time to plug my heavy hilti drill

  41. You mentioned the Ryobi cordless sander. I bought one. In LITERALLY less than an hour I burned it out. Though I pushed it hard. I brought it back and got a Makita corded unit and finished the project. I don’t currently have any Makita cordless.

  42. Could you please explane why dose Makita produces so many diferent models that are very alike (but have different model numbers) that are distributed around the world. for example, i live in Israel and our official makita importer dose not sell many Makita tool models that are sold around the world, but if i compare a specific tool that is sold here to a specific tool that sold outside my country they could have almost identical thecnical capabilities but have a different model number…(?)

  43. Great video. I have most of these tools in Makita and ones I use more often I have Milwaukee. I find Milwaukee slightly better but they don’t have as good a selection as Makita. I have Makita 190mm 36v battery mitre saw. Great tool and I really like Makitas 36v range. I’ve the Milwaukee 18v Gen2 brad nailer and its a fantastic bit of kit.

  44. I also use makita and have quite a range of tools, strangely the only tool we have the same is the drill! I also have several impacts, 2 hammer drills, 2 sds-plus, metal circular, 3/8 impact,1/2 impact, 2 drywall screwguns, sawzalls, 36v rear handle circular, 36v tracksaw and chainsaw. I have a feeling I am forgetting something! I still want the jigsaw, router, sander and sliding mitre saw in the LXT platform.

  45. dewalt does have a cordless orbital sander, looks legit exact same as Mikita not too sure about how it runs though compared to makita

  46. @Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown thanks, good video.
    Find out how good Festool are and if they represent genuine value for money here, brutally honest review from the YouTube legend AvE:
    Metabo, Bosch Professional and the top end Makitas are great tools, Hilti maybe a bit better in my experience. With those manufacturers you get what you pay for and a decent guarantee if you register the purchase. Festool are a glaring rip-off.
    When I was working on the road fitting kitchens I bought a Makita 18v kit including a drill driver, circular saw, jigsaw and reciprocating saw. It came with NiMH batteries which all failed very rapidly when not in continuous use, so now converted to 18650 Lithium Ions, so still all working great after 25 years. The drill driver was made in England in the black and decker factory, the jigsaw was made in the De Walt factory in the USA, so world leading tools, not sure where the others were made but all as good as new. I suppose I do look after my tools, always helps. And don’t lend them out.

  47. dbo sander is useless if u already have an angle grinder, just buy sanding disc adapter with velcro. dbo is more for fine sanding

  48. The carger uses fan to blow air through the batteris too. Which is a nice design most don’t have. It keeps batteris cool and doesn’t ruin them by charging hot batteries. You get hot batteries from use and this anables to quickly re-charge them, not wait until they cool down.

  49. Check out over-under cable wrapping. This keeps your power cables and all other cables nice and neat, not like this…

    1. @Brandon S Yates Sr. isnt it slow? needs a lot of time and doesnt give much coffee, 1 fill 1 small coffee. probly best thing would be to get a big thermos and make coffe in home, should stay hot atleast 5-7 hours

    2. Yeah it’s in version 2.0… the only problem I see with it is you have to use a short little cup, not a deal breaker ( it comes with a cool Makita coffee cup) but I want to fill my travel mug.

  50. so i can buy bare tools from the states if they are cheaper? i was always a bit worried about that as obviously we have a higher voltage when it comes to charging the batteries so i thought the tools would be slightly different.
    nice one !

  51. “not in the same price bracket as Festool” no one is, they are like the iPhone of tools. Waaay overpriced.

    1. festool tools have higher cost because of the materials and general quality made (but this doesn’t have to make them more reliable or better in general), while aplle does hype on design (while using samsung screens, china labour etc), locking features, charge more for apps etc.

    1. Thanks for that, friend. I am determined to go with Makita for that very reason. If I buy and something breaks I could be in real bind, so am planning on buying all Makita from the start

  52. I prefer dewalt cordless tools as they tend to be the higher power tools in the price range. However while makita tools may underperform (in my opinion) in comparison, thier build quality is better. So i ise dewalt cordless and makita corded. A killer combination!

  53. Spent the last several hours researching power tools. Went in believing Milwaukee was the brand I would purchase but after your video and several others I’ll be buying Makita. Not only do they NOT have a parent company which is good (look into it) they are reasonably priced and appear to be at the same quality of Milwaukee, which is a lot more expensive at least in the states.

    Excellent video. Really appreciate the simple way you explained each tool, gave your experience with it, while also showing it in action

  54. Good review, thanks. Just one thing-DO NOT USE CENTIMETERS. Metres. Millimetres. Fine, but centimeters are just pointless and confusing

  55. Makita and Bosch Blue are the best trade quality tools imo. My only gripe with Makita is their refusal to get with the times and go to larger lithium cells like 20700 or 21700 and higher cell counts like the 15 cells you get in Dewalt’s Flexvolt batteries and whatever Milwaukee calls their big boy batteries. AEG also have their Fusion/Force batteries and tools, and Bosch Blue have their Core battery line. Why is this important? Well these batteries can meet or even exceed the power output of a corded tool.

    Dewalt have Flexvolt tools that put out 2400 Watts now, and Makita are being left behind, because their solution was to simply make a few tools that take two batteries. This is a sub optimal solution, for obvious reasons. I love Makita, but I use my Dewalt Flexvolt batteries on everything including my impact driver. At first I thought I would only use them on Flexvolt tools, but I found that all my tools work better and go for longer with the Flexvolt batteries, and the additional size and weight is really not an issue for most tools.

    Want to know why the Makita cordless sander is gutless? It’s because the batteries can’t safely put out enough power. It’s as simple as that. Don’t believe me? Here’s the math: Makita use 18650 cells in all their batteries. 18650 cells range in continuous current ratings from about 30 amps for a 2000mah cell, to 15 amps for a 3000mah cell. 2500mah Samsung cells are very common choice, rated for 25 amps. Makita only do 5 cell and 10 cell batteries, and for now I will only focus on the 10 cell versions. The 4, 5, and 6 AH versions have 2000, 2500 and 3000mah cells respectively. 1p cell 18v batteries have two banks of 5 cells in parallel, so total amps is double what a single cell will do, at 18. 5 volts instead of 3.7. Watts = volts x amps means 555W for the 6AH battery, 925W for the 5AH battery, and 1110W for the 4AH battery. Also for good measure let’s say you have a 2AH battery, well that can only put out 555W max as well, without exceeding the ratings stipulated by the cell manufacturers. Tool companies are consistently exceeding the rated current of the cells, and are playing a balancing act between power, safety and cell longevity. The reality is that Makita cannot control which of their batteries you put on which of their tools, so they will be keeping all of their tools below a certain power output and I would guess it’s somewhere around 800 or 900 Watts. Burning up your 6AH batteries, (That’s why they don’t live as long as the others) but still within safe limits, especially with how sophisticated Makitas battery management is.

    Corded power can only be matched with bigger batteries or more cells. It’s as simple as that. Nobody is going to want to put two battery packs on most tools, even if Makita made them. Maybe an electric chainsaw that you hardly ever use, but come on, this is a serious limitation.

  56. Dude your Sander just came damaged from factory is way to slow, you should go to a stre and ask to test so you can compare.

  57. Makita makes a great tools, I own 11 from cordless LXT range. Never bring me down, all of them working perfect. I am very happy with Makita.

  58. My makita are all brushless except my new multi tool same as yours,, none of this mid range talk 🤦‍♂️lol , I’ve spent thousands of dollars on my gear and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  59. The power tools will get so small one day it will feel like a literal toy at one pound battery included but the battery will last all week. lol

  60. personally i use makita power tools, and i love them, with the exception of trhe cordelss finishing nailer of wich i have used 4 individuals (3 brand new, one used) and none of them could go trough a single nail clip without atleast one feeding failure, and to fix it you need to remove 3 screws to eject a jammed nail. a friend of mine has a ryobi one wich only very rarely has a feed failure, and incase it does it has a quick release to eject the jammed nail. makita should really look at this specific tool imo…

  61. Your cordless handplanner look like a toy compared to my u.k made corded handplanner. There’s plenty of u.k made corded makita tools with the old logo who looks so well build. Do your corded sander is made in u.k?

  62. I own a lot of these tools, I have been upgrading to the brushless models lately, I try and stay away from any of the cordless tools that have long run times such as the sander and stick to the corded version, nice collection, keep up the good work

  63. I’m a professional cabinetmaker and I use Makita. Used to used DeWalt but I like the Makita better. Made the switch about 3 years ago and haven’t had any problems yet. I have my eyes on the trim router, the grinder, the multi-tool, the circular saw, the weed eater, the blower… It’s all a personal preference mostly and what tools you plan on using. I would stay away from the “Joe Public” brands like Ryobi, Ridgid, Black & Decker, Skil, etc. Those are whole different level, the bottom level.

    1. @Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown get yourself into maf or fest. U will only pay more n get the same job done as the Makita. N Makita will out last both.😁😁

    2. I don’t think you understand my point which I explained in the video. The Makita tools I am reviewing here are mostly their cheaper tools, and they are not premium tools like Maffell, Festool, etc. I am not downplaying Makita, I am commenting on the price point of the tools I had at the time

  64. You now make me wondering about the Multitool. I got the VonHaus like you showed and does not feel up for the job sometimes… and seeing just the mechanism to change bits on the Makita, might worth an upgrade. Thanks for the great review of tools!

    1. yes, that system is much better then regular screw tightening, which i do have on some cheap (actually, it wasn’t cheap at all, since i could get bosch or makita for same money, but it was kind of a gift). i would buy just for this feature alone.

  65. Try looking on for the cordless nailer and stapler. You can purchase a refurbished tool with a warranty for a large discount. I picked up the Milwaukee M18 18 gauge brad nailer for about $110 cheaper than a new one and I’m very happy with it so far

  66. I have the same impact driver. Yet to use it but seems legit and strong.
    Have the battery chainsaw duc353z, 32 volt. I cut a lot of trees on my land and bucked logs. That thing I used extensively and I love it.
    Planing on getting the 36 volt grass trimmer as spring nears.
    I have 4 5ah and 2 3ah plus the double fast charger. I can do some extended work with the chainsaw having three pairs of batteries, charging while using. The batteries are pricey but can be used on more than 200 tools! They have a battery coffee maker, heated jacket and electric wheelbarrow. Lol!
    Makita is a premium brand and makes igreat tools. They are made in many places and for different price brackets. The impact driver is made in Romania and was something like 70 euros.

  67. Hi There @ragnbonebrown ,I really like your review , do you mind if i post it on my website on a section i have as Video reviews ?

  68. I would love to buy Makita, but its the price. For what you have as a set,it is most likely to cost me $2,500 – $3,500 in total

  69. Except for grinders and reciprocating saws, if you’re using them all day, I totally agree the newer lithium cordless get it done.

  70. Upgrade your trim saw to the new brushless one. It’s awesome.

    Don’t bother upgrading your jig saw to the new brushless one though. It’s shite. Stick with the brushed one.

  71. I run the maintenance department at a high end resort in Wisconsin I only use Mikita corded and cordless, also a side hobby is timber framing Mikita has fantastic tools for that too.

  72. Holy shit. All the tools you mentioned cost 100€ more here in Slovenia which is in europe (a piece!) But if you ever get the chance buy some of their brushless products. You wont regret it since it has RPM monitoring (self adjusting) and a better speed controll plus extra battery life.

  73. Wen putting your bits and tips in your impact gun you dont have to pole out on the locking chuck its one handed just push it in only have to pole it out when taking tips out

  74. Fabricator for 13 years now drilling holes in metal constantly. 1 inch holes though 1/4 to 1/2 thick alum. No problem for the Makita hammer driver drills. Even the driver drills do well. Makita lasts longer than anything else we’ve had and we’ve gone through dozens of all makes.

  75. You have what looks to be alot of their homeowner line. That drill is for sure a homeowner version. The plastic chuck is a dead giveaway. We run all hammer driver drills at work and they are much heavier duty than the drill you feature here. Not sure about the others but the hammer driver drill is more towards industrial/commercial applications. That drill is just their driver drill. They hold their own just fine but if you spend more money with Makita you will get better models.

  76. I myself am in love with my Makita power tools. I’m not a professional sports fan. But I would represent Makita as if it were and is my favorite team I grew up supporting! Go Makita!!!

  77. I would rate Makita as a high end professional product. In terms of range they don’t have as many tools as DeWalt or Milwaukee, but the are very reliable. Festool is the most expensive but you do get what you pay for. Good review. Thanks.

  78. I have used various brands over the years , but Makita will take some beating on today’s market with there cordless range 👍

  79. From what I’ve heard, Milwaukee are expensive and hard to come by in the UK, but they (Milwaukee) are working on it.
    Oh, BTW, Milwaukee just came out with a cordless orbital sander.

  80. You explained everything apart from the jar of vaseline. Get lonely in the shed during winter? I don’t think you can go to far wrong with Makita, DE Walt or Milwaukee. Festool are massively over priced wood cutters, for people who charge too much.

  81. You pillaged a church for materials!!!!!! >_< lol- good score. Oak and Mahogany!! And good video. Thankyou buddy 🙂

  82. The LXT range is terrible compared to the Dewalt and Milwaukee 18v brushless range.

    The tools are underpowered and are cheap Chinese tools now, but the other brands are now far beyond better

  83. Cheers from Canada. I have 10 Makita tools. I use them all the time, and I’m an engineer by trade (so not really experienced with working with tools). I have just learned something new about the jig saw settings, so thanks. I’m currently replacing my carpet in my house with hardwood flooring, and use the jig saw and multitool almost every day that I work on my floor. I went in to buy the cordless orbital sander, but the tool guy talked me into the corded version instead. That’s the only time he’s ever had anything negative to say about a Makita cordless tool. Tools you didn’t mention that I have are the blower, which I use all the time (works great to blow the leaves out of my gutters), the chainsaw, the weed eater, and the flashlight/radio.

    Tools I’d like but don’t currently have: 1) lawnmower, 2) back back vacuum, 3) reciprocating saw

  84. Fantastic overview, I hope Makita sees your video and sends some love your way! I purchased a Makita brush-less kit from Amazon after watching your review.


  85. How long should the initial battery charge take? Mine has been going for hours and the fan has turned off. Green light is still on though, not yellow.

  86. Festool any day,5 years on tools and batteries as good as new and I have done every imageble job with them.Worth all the money people moan about, wishing only bigger range they make

  87. Wondered what you thought of the battery reliability. A few years ago, I bought the first generation of the 18v lithium range. Excellent tools, crap batteries/charger. All 4 batteries dead within 14 – 18 months. Just out of warranty. I thought that lithium batteries didn’t have the memory effect and didn’t need constant charging.Bought blue Bosch 10.8v drill and impact driver, at the same time, and all batteries still work. Had about the same run time for both sets. Are the newer Makita batteries any better?

    1. My brother who uses his Makita tools everyday at work had his batteries died after 7 years. Before that he had some cheap cordless brand, and they lasted 8 months.

    2. I’m not using Makita tools anymore except for the cordless router. Have switched to Hitachi/HiKOKI. It’s best to keep your batteries away from cold weather as that can affect their lifespan. I always bring mine in the house during the winter months

  88. Good luck, wouldn’t use that grinder it’ll bind so easily and just back at ya… makita is garbage seriously I’ve always been so disappointed by them. A grinder bonded on me and cut my arm wide open never had that happen with my dewalt or cobalt

  89. As a righty and a carpenter i prefer the left handed skill saw , as the right hand one u get all the crap blown in ur face yes u can see ur cut line but where im cutting precise cuts i tend to do off sets with a straight edge

  90. I’m a Makita fanboy through and through. I’ve always had Makita tools. I’ve had Milwaukee corded and cordless but the Makita cordless can’t be beat for quality, dependability and price. All of my cordless Makita are brushless from my impact driver, which I’ve had for five years and has been dropped from a 3 story roof onto a concrete patio, till my lawnmower, yes lawnmower,hedge trimmer, orbital sander, drill, reciprocating saw, weed wacker, brad nailer and my latest and best purchase of all, the 36 volt worm drive saw. I should state that I only use 5 AH batteries as the life is very long and they charge in the same amount of time as the 3 and 4 ah. I highly suggest and recommend the brushless cordless. You won’t be disappointed.

  91. Nice quiver of tools, good ref for someone looking to replace or get a new suite on a common battery platform. Surprised you went brushed in 2018 given advantages of brushless but yeah cost is a factor, the brushed are cheaper now mebbe they are looking to clear them out. I dont agree with yr comment Makita are a mid range tool, I’d rate them as upper range, the build and reliability is excellent. (Theres a reason tradies all over the world use em hard). You could have covered battery economics, its something users need to keep in mind. Batteries aernt cheap and they have a lifecycle, more you use/recharge them sooner they are dead. Some of those tools you can go corded like the jigsaw, router esp if yr shop based in those applications. You could setup multi power outlets around yr central bench if the small shop two step is a pain. Thanks for the vid keep em coming.

  92. Everything I have is makita, as well, with the exception my Bosch body grip jig saw. It does seem like Milwaukee has stepped up their game this year.

  93. Helpful review thanks. I’m just about to invest in a decent collection of Makita, moving from Hitachi. They seem excellent, but I wish they made a decent cordless nailer.

  94. Ive got all sorts of makes of tools panasonic ,festool ,makita dewalt bosch and cheaper makes .everyone has there preferences depending what they do im a self-employed uk carpenter that does everything jack of all masters of none buy and use what suites u best

    1. What on earth were you using them for? I’ve got 2 dewalt drills and have put them through hell and back and I’ve been using them for 3 years now and they are still mint.

  95. I’ve always had good luck with Makita except there cordless grinders burnt out 2 brushed grinders and the brushless one is not really powerful dewalt definitely has grinders in the bag

  96. If Makita is reading, I would also like them to make a cordless air compressor, same deal as the belt sander, if Ryobi can do it, surely Makita can!

  97. i love my makita tools. my cordless collection consists of around 20 different models and im pretty happy with most of them. i also have the random orbit sander and mine is really good on battery and i cant complain about the speed either, perhaps being a sealed brushed motor you ended up with a dud motor in yours. the one thing i wish makita would hurry up and make is the cordless lxt tyre inflator. i have created my own 18v inflator with parts from a cheap inflator and the electronics from a dead makita tool which works great but it would be nice to have a branded one 😀 cheers and good honest review!

  98. Makita not a premium tool? They are one of the top brands about and I don’t even like them. Always been a dewalt man out preform everything I’ve ever had.

  99. Very nicely presented. I use Makita too but I am beginning to have second thoughts as they manufacture more and more tools in China: almost everything brushless is now made in China: drills, impact driver (except the top of the line), chainsaws, vacuums… Quality may still be good, but I’d prefer to support Europe, the UK, the USA or Japan.

  100. I love my makita tools , however the brush range is what you don`t want ( i had the impact driver catch on fire while screwing a deck ) also running a 6 amp hour battery does not help . For a few dollars more get the brush less version and you`ll get more power / lower power consumption and less overheating

  101. There some tools you want cordless and others corded. I wouldn’t buy a cordless sander, and only a cordless circular saw if I already had a corded one (and had money burning a hole in my pocket). A cordless jigsaw is really nice as I find the cord a massive hassle for some reason, maybe because of the nature of the cuts. Nice vid, thanks.

  102. My next tools will probably be both the angle grinder and the die grinder. Then a couple led flood lights and maybe a concrete rotary drill.

    I also have a few of the garden tools. What I like about the garden tools is both no cord and with no gas I don’t have to worry about carburetor seals being destroyed by separated alcohol in gas. For all the tools I only have to replace batteries over 20 years if I take care of them. A sound investment in a home.

  103. I have to agree about the multi-tool. It’s almost like a miniature jackhammer for detailed cutting and shaping. Cuts not only wood but also metal. Great for flush cutting nails and essential for tile and door work. You also use it in most places you would use a chisel.

  104. After hearing your rationale, I’d say, your point of view was quite reasonable. I’ve used Makita, DeWalt, and Milwaukee. Makita is a good brand, but they tend to break easily in my experience. Possibly just my bad luck. 😉 The DeWalt line is good, and seem to me more durable, but are more expensive than Makita. Milwaukee is rather pricey, even in the US. It’s a very good brand, but that price point is hard to overlook.
    BTW, after I got my first impact, a Makita, the hammer drill just sits around until I need to auger a hole.
    The Makita sanders are very nice.

  105. If you get a chance and you think it would be of any use to you. Have a look at the 4 Mode impact driver. Best investment I ever made.

  106. I usually find dewalt cheaper than makita because dewalt always has some kind of sale going on unlike makita. I used makita for years. Their batteries lasted me forever. I had the old green lxt with 3 amp batts.

  107. If you think Makita is just an average power tool. You are so wrong! Makita is a top quality power tool company. It fights with the very best and it wins in a lot of cases. I think fest tools are average. My team up to now is Dewalt & Makita, Milwaukee is also hardcore.

    1. Weighing in a bit late but Makita are (and have been for a very long time) a quality brand with 10 factories all over the world including China, just like everybody else. Nothing wrong with China as long as the quality control is robust. Take a look at how many tradesmen use them, we know what works because we rely on them every day. Every range has the odd rogue but I wouldn’t swap my teal blue buddies for anything. Obviously Festool, Mafell etc make some brilliant kit but I don’t feel they offer that much more for sometimes more than the cost of a new kidney. Just got the Makita Cordless Track saw and Trim router now I’m just a chop saw from throwing my extention lead in the trash. Opinions online are ten a penny but educated time served tradesmen will always be the best judge of a tool range IMHO.

    2. @Tripnotyst Planer is usually UK made aswell .. but I don’t know why people always think made in China equals bad build quality when the company is from another country , they adhere to the same quality standards

    3. Makita build qality is very good. Tools can make work harder than they are meant to be never have been any problem yet but

  108. on the bright side of your makita sander going so slow, It won’t clog sandpaper as fast because it makes friction, meaning less heat buildup, and less melting of the resins in the wood, meaning less clogging.

  109. You must be out of the USA…Makita is the third best in America, behind Dewalt and Milwaukee…the most powerful cordless tools are Flexvolt….Festool is not even close to Flexvolt power, but they make decent shop Tools….mafell is number one

  110. Nice upload. My brother is a carpenter and started out on Makita. Now I believe he is on DeWalt. DeWalt are meant to be good and all, but man they are ugly.

  111. Not sure if that’s the same angle grinder I have, but mine only works with 3.0AH batteries since it doesn’t have the “star” overload protection on it. The rest of the kit I bought works with my newer 4.0AH and 5.0 AH batteries since they have the star on them. it works ok if you don’t use it alot but for cutting through thicker materials it’s kind of weak compared to other cordless angle grinders. I’ll definitely upgrade to the newer brushless one at some point.

    1. ah right on, I bought my kit about 4 years ago so i think they put the old grinders in with it to get rid of them. Everything has held up great though with near daily use.

  112. Thanks for sharing, useful info. If you have another amazon voucher burning a hole I recommend the DML801 LED light. I’ve used it all over not just in the workshop. Good use for those smaller batteries that aren’t much good for the powerful tools.

  113. Makita is premiun !

    They are the best

    Reliable and strongest

    On paper other brands promise a lot on realty makita kill all

    Only the battreis dont last like in Milwaukee and de walt

    But they finish work faster so who cares

  114. Just found your channel, good to see I’m not the only one with a minor cordless Makita addiction! Great channel, love the workshop buildout stuff – very helpful as another space-limited Brit! Cheers and subbed 🙂

  115. The cordless router is the nuts i bought the plunge base and 16 mil guide bush with the trend hinge jig corded tools are history

  116. Nowt wrong with Makita. All the platforms at this price point are good tbh. Had a sneak peak at Makitas new 18V (x2 batteries 36v) 10″ sliding mitre saw at an expo recently. That’s going to be a big hit I’m sure. It really is a triumph of design in just about every way. I’m on the Bosch blue platform. Down to batteries mainly. Bosch batteries just go on and on and are properly robust. They’ve got a new 18v tool line coming this year so I’m told.

  117. Wont ask about the Vaseline at the end 🙂 But I have a Makita cordless drill and angle grinder and glad I bought both. I am not a heavy user of them but I wanted tools that would hopefully last the rest of my life. I am especially pleased with the grinder, and it has enough power to cut through concrete and thick rebar no problem, but you do need to use the 5amp battery to get any useable time out of it. I will be getting an impact driver next as I am going to start a shed/workshop build soon.

  118. I started collecting ryobi until I got sick of replacing the tools and batteries. Makita was my next step, very happy. Even got me a Makita heated jacket which uses the 18v batteries and also charges my cell phone in my pocket.

  119. Fantastic video – thank you! I came across it while shopping for Makita combo kits, and it’s been incredibly informative.

    PS – 11:27 “It’s quite a long tool this, but despite that, it’s still really comfortable to use” —- That’s what she said! 😉

  120. Dewalt Random Orbit Sander 230v DWE6423
    Maybe you meant cordless?? Anyway, commit to a system that works and I can’t fault Makita (it’s just not as good as Dewalt) 😁😉

  121. Speaking from my own experience as a furniture maker – I’m about half and half between Makita and Bosch Pro (Blue), and while for some reason I always find myself leaning Makita, the Bosch tools are truly excellent and have never let me down, even after significant abuse!

    1. @Jack Scott What I will say is this, now with about 2 years of experience in total with Ryobi, and dozens of varied projects.

      With Ryobi, some of their tools are better than others. Super happy with the brushless stuff I have. However, as an example, the palm router has quality issues.

      Then there are accessories. Honestly, it’s not the company that gives a great deal of accessories. Back to that Palm router, the shanks that you can actually find for it from Ryobi are extremely limited. I understand it’s a limited form factor, but Ryobi really need to up their game on accessories.

      Other than that, all my tools still work. But when I get around to replacing them which could still take another decade, even with more than moderate usage, I will upgrade to Bosch Blue, I have a miter saw in that range, and if it’s a measure of the type of quality Bosch offer, then I’m fully sold.

    2. @Blah dI Blah the difference is the makita tools will last five maybe 10x longer than riobi so that being said the makita brand is not more expensive its actually cheaper.

    3. In an ideal world I would go for either Bosch or Makita, but at least in Central Europe, I’ve gone for Ryobi.

      I think for DIYers the price / performance ratio can’t be beaten. I wouldn’t call Ryobi professional tools, but they manage to get the job done. But for me it’s all about the price. The same tools I have if I had gone for Bosch or Makita would at least be double the price. When I buy a Ryobi tool I buy the best tool in the range, which in some cases has brushless. Those tools are priced competitively with the mid range of Makita.

      No doubt in my mind if you can afford it go for Makita or Bosch blue. But if you can’t get either of these lines, then Ryobi is still a viable option.

  122. I prefer milwaukee but I do have a few Mikita tools. I have the 18 volt orbit sander and the router and the top handle chain saw. Why do I have them because milwaukee does not make them. Maybe someday milwaukee will catch up. I hope to see a framing nailer soon.

  123. I am a huge fan of Makita, I only have the 10.8v tools but would like some 18v battery tools too. I really see your point about having a battery circular saw so you can use it anywhere.

  124. Great review of you’re collection. The worst thing I personally found about Makita was not really the performance of there tools as they are all way above standard but there radio is useless because it does not charge batteries, come on Makita get with the times.

    1. The radios that charge batteries come in Horribly And it’s because Milwaukee and the dewalt batteries constantly have to be on the charger

    2. DeWalt and Milwaukee are the patents holders for the radio/charger and the charger/radio so Makita cannot make either. But they should wise up and incorporate a battery charger with their Bluetooth speaker or a LED light station with a charger base.

  125. everyones been sh*tting on makita lately and it’s annoying because I’m getting into the lineup. I think they are just sponsored by dewalt/milwaukee

    1. @Tripnotyst very well said! Milwaukee hands out free tools like candy to YouTubers and Social Media “influencers” for promoting their product, and sadly many people are brainwashed by it. I’m not saying Milwaukee is bad, I own some Milwaukee stuff too, but these shills make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread.

    2. Real workers and users respect Makita tools for long lasting and reliability. I own Makita for many years, since their first lithium 10,8v small impact, and others that i know personaly even earlier from red Ni-Cd batteries era.
      Makita is a work horse.
      Milwaukee is Hilti wannabe, but in nutshell it’s pure Makita/Bosch copy.

    3. milwaukee spends alot on marketing in North America and so many idiots here buy into it. Makita has the largest cordless lineup, fastest charging batteries, best service centers (on par with hilti service centers). What they don’t have is tons of advertising at home depots and marketing buzz words like “red lithium, one-key, FUEL, powerstate brushless” to draw in the suckers. They just make good tools that work and their revenue speaks for itself. Makita doing 4.3Billion in sales while TTI industries (owns milwaukee + Ryobi and is a congolmerate of like 8 other companies) did 6.1B in sales. So Makita on it’s own is doing 2/3 the revenue of the entire TTI group of companies.

  126. One of the best things about your channel was the fact that you used tools that the man in the street could afford, second hand mitre saw, DIY quality power tools etc. Part of the charm of the channel will be lost if you continue to use expensive professional tools that few of us can afford.

    1. If you spent 25 hours a week producing woodworking video content for people to watch for free every week for 3 years you would be able to afford Makita tools too. You get out of it what you put in to it.

  127. Love Makita. I have that same power file, was very surprised how well it performs. I use it mainly for metal. The top bearing shattered on it but still works pretty well!

  128. Nice review! It’s a shame, that those tools are so much more expensive here in Germany. I don’t see me buying themanytime soon.

  129. Thanks for the great review, og you want to try the stabler then come visit me in Denmark 😉 and when you are here you can try my Makita beltsander as well…. Wonder why you say they dont make one, since i have had mine for years 😁
    Best regards
    A Makita fan to.

  130. Great review. Been using various makita tools for the past 25+ years. And still have some of the first ones I bought.
    I have the brushless makita jigsaw. Really good cutting tool but, it has a stupid soft start set up which can be an absolute pain if your not careful. I wish it had the variable speed trigger like the older brushed model.

  131. My only experience of Makita was buying their 10.8V drill and impact driver set. They are crap. The batteries would last for about 10 screws then be flat. I should have returned them really.

    1. Actually, sorry, that’s wrong.   It is not my only experience of Makita. I forgot my Corded trim router and corded biscuit jointer are Makita, and I think the are great tools and have no complaints about them.  Just wasn’t impressed by the 10.8V tools.

  132. Excellent coverage. I have a limited budget for my hobby shop and normally use cheap tools from screwfix and Argos etc. My drill driver gives up after about 15 mins. Use. I’ll definitely be using the links and (pre-owned) eBay for some of these in the future. I particularly like how all batteries fit all machines. Great tool shop tour.

  133. I replaced my old blue Ryobi drill with the white/black Makita combi. Been about the block loads and still going strong. Undecided as keep or change brands when it’s time. That’s the only cordless I use these days… have the cordless circ saw, but never use it as it rubbish…. bogs down far too easy on anything thinker than 1/2” ply. Wet 4×2 and you’ve no hope!! The fluorescent light is handy though!!

  134. Great vid.. Im a big bocsh fan. I do have alot of ‘parkside’ powertools from lidl.. The quality is pretty good and they are dirt cheap..

    1. I replaced my park side circular saw with brushless makita their really is no comparison the Mak rocks 🥳

  135. Was using Border Linx (or whichever service) that much of a saving for you when you bought the router? Just looked it up for a drill (3kg package) and it was at least £70 to get it shipped to the UK!

  136. Very nice collection. I do like cordless tools but find they cost more than corded.I also think with battery technology moving on all the time they would not last as long. Saying that if I had the money I would get more instead of running lots of extension leads.

  137. Very interesting ! Especially your opinion on the random orbit sander. I just ordered myself the LXT biscuit joiner to add to my collection, let me know if you are interested about it and have questions 😉

  138. Try some of the Mirka sanding discs with the sander and see if they make a difference, I find they remove material far better than normal discs.

  139. I first went with Makita when I started looking for a new strimmer a couple of years ago when I came across their 2 x 18v model. It was very expensive as a kit with two batteries and a twin charger. As I needed a new impact driver as well, I soon realised it wasn’t that bad a deal. I have also gone for the 2 x 18v lawn mower as well. Both strimmer and mower are amazing and equal to any mains or petrol versions – plus less hassle starting. It started me off getting all Makita 18v tools and my collection is growing rapidly…

  140. Great video man. I really love your honesty. Id recommend watching AvE’s channel for tool breakdowns. He’s the best in my opinion. I do like Bosch green tools. B&Q where doing some great deals on them over xmas. There pts 700 jigsaw & sander €40.

    I’ve had Ryobi tools in the past & id never buy them again. Milwaukee tools just seem to plastic for the price. & there very expensive here in Dublin. Ive bought a few Makita tools over the last yr & Makita all the way for me man.

    1. @Richard McAreavey ah, there just to expensive Richie. The justification is spending €400/500 on a cordless drill when you can get 2 makita ones for that price isn’t for me. €6/700 you can get a kit package of decent makita cordless tools. Milwaukee tools stand out for the thieves as well.

    2. Milwaukee are class tools. I’ve both Milwaukee and Makita and would always buy Milwaukee on the tools I use most often.

  141. I always liked being unplugged but I am a real cheap ass when it comes to buying stuff. I prefer to buy only quality tools and try to make them go for my lifetime (and I useally buy them used so I can say that they have out lived thier original owner useally (I love my old aluminum case made in England and US power tools especially old Stanley stuff. For work I have to have a cordless drill and I have had bad luck with battery packs becoming weak after only 2 or 3 years, it didn’t matter if they were nicad or lithium ion and then replacement packs are so damn expensive I useally just buy a new drill combo kit.
    I guess what I am getting at keep us posted on how all your tools do as they age since you use them pretty often and could give a fair opinion.
    On the not of a sander I love my electric sanders over my pneumatic or cordless Sanders, they are so effective and powerful.

  142. Superb review I enjoyed that, thanks. One thing that irks me is that my mixture of ryobi and bosch tools have different sized dust extraction ports. Are the ports the same size on your range of tools? If not do you a a universal coupling or something to switch tools with? My current method is to use duck tape.

    1. There isn’t even consistency between all the Makita tools, they all have different ports – very annoying! Axminster do some good adapters. Duct tape works well though

  143. Great review mate, I’m a fan of Ryobi but also Bosch blue, I think it’s all about a personal choice 👍👍👍👍

    1. Too bad ,I like the warranty on Ridgid and they are cheaper then Bosch cordless, I do have the corded Bosch jigsaw ,corded circular saw and the Bosch router combo kit what should I do like. Great videos enjoy watching them

  144. I noticed that most of your tools have a stepped speed adjustment, Is that annoying not being able to get the right speed?

  145. Speaking as a tradesman of 25 years I don’t think you can beat bosch blue. Don’t get me wrong makita are a great brand of tool and alot of my colleagues use them. But I just like bosch. I’ve got a bosch 24 volt getting on for 12 years old now and it gets used daily and it’s never let me down. It what I was taught as an apprentice.. look after your tools and they’ll look after you. Nice set you got there though mate

    1. @Leon K. Bosch has a nice 12 volt line but milwaukee has such a diverse line. I have the m12 hackzall m12 ratchet and other tools but they have amazing 12 volt tools and i want to get the 3 inch cutting wheel and the milwaukee is always coming out with new tools.

    2. SGT MAVERICK In my opinion Bosch is the best with there 12v series better than Milwaukee I know many Guts that nearly only use Milwaukee but they all bought there 12v series from Bosch

    3. Im sorry but first bosch would be my 4th pick 1st would be dewalt 2 milwaukee 3 makita
      My dad and grandfather are dewalt guys but i have a good amount of dewalt alot of the 20 volt line and milwaukee m12 line . Im 13 i started my first buisness making wooden flags i made about $350 so far and started my buisness 3 weeks ago. I bought all my tools and you cannot go wrong with milwaukee and dewalt and i work with my dad (electrician) on the side and the handle so well.

    4. Andrew Joy you can’t do it with the Bosch 18v batteries either because it burns them out. The circuit protection on them is terrible. Better in the newer cool pack batteries buy the first ones were shockingly bad.

  146. I wish other companies would do what Ryobi do with chargers that can charge 6 batteries at once. I have Hitachi tools & only have a single battery charger which is very frustrating.

    1. M Tv I have the power x change Ozito drill, impact and jigsaw. They are fine and I’ve had no problems with them. Nice to start with or just for the workshop/weekend.

    2. Thanks Keith,,yeah I’m pretty sure there Australian the circular saw is so small but cuts so well that’s what I liked about it

    3. Pretty sure Ozito is Australia (bunnings) only? I have a few, they go fine and i show little respect to my tools.

    4. Without having used all the other brands available I couldn’t say that they were the best because I haven’t had that experience… but I’m dead happy with all of them apart from the sander which I’m moderately happy with! Hope this helps

  147. Extensive review, good job! Cordless tools are very helpful on a job site (like your circular saw to cut 5m boards!), but in the workshop, I prefer using corded tools (drill/impact driver aside), all connected to a multi plug extension integrated into the workbench and connected to the shop vac, so that I don”t have to bother with battery life. Personal choice though.

  148. While I haven’t used the makita cordless nailers, I have heard poor reviews of tradesmen. The hitachi ones are much better if you want a cordless nailer. Thanks for the videos!

  149. I would like to ask two questions .The first thing is , if we must do something for the maintanace of the power tools and second , is it true that if you dont use them very often the batteries tend to break down very quickly and in this case it is better to use corded tools .

    1. Well my old cell does still hold a charge although it appears to be dieing a bit faster then so remember to be but this is by no means a scientific battery test.

    2. Graham Gott I jus plugged in my Samsung S2 that has been in a drawer for about 5 years or so now it was absolutely dead let’s see if it changes up and then holds a charge for a reasonable amount of time… I will try to remember to post my results although it is a cell phone not a power tool I would think the battery design is about the same.

    3. It was true with the NiCad batteries. Nearly all of mine died when I didn’t use them for a while. Lithium batteries are a whole new ballgame. I haven’t had any fail me (yet)…

    4. From my experience batteries hate to sit, you need to occasionally make sure they are fully charged. When my father passed he left some really nice brand new 18v DeWalt stuff locked in his tool box it took me 2 years to finally find the keys and all of the batteries wouldn’t hold a charge for more then a few minutes. There is videos on YouTube on how to rebuild them and they aren’t to terribly priced to do it yourslf… I am not sure if you can rebuild lithium ion battery packs.

  150. Lots of reviews on the cordless nailer. Well worth a read as it steered me away from purchase.

    I have the same kit as you – all thanks to a drill /driver combo on special at the local hardware store then lots of 20% off deals on Ebay.

    Thanks for the vid – agree with your appraisals.

  151. I’ve got several 18V DeWALT cordless tools, but I’m not a huge fan: more than enough power and it’s nice to be cordless, but besides the drill and impact driver, the batteries are drained way too quick for my semi-professional tools, even with 4Ah batteries. As said, the drill and impact driver are fine, but the jigsaw and circular saw drain the battery incredibly quickly.

    And now about the video: great, extensive review, thanks!

    Did you actually consider DeWALT at all? Since you didn’t mention them.

  152. Bosch Blue guy here. Bosch Blue / Makita / Hitachi / Milwaukee are all around about the same, much like the old choice of Nikon / Canon / Sony its much of a muchness and they’re all good tools. Good to see a quick review of one of the other makes.

  153. How is your experience about cordless vs corded powerwise? With the saw I am always afraid not having enough oomph. Same for weight. I am big fan (but like you not a fanboy) of Metabo.
    What do you call a good battery life btw? A day?

    1. Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown . Ok thanks. But like a couple of passes with a circular saw through some oak or dense plywood? Say 20-30mm deep.
      Btw most motors in corded tools work even on DC voltage. So in theory it would be possible to convert them. No idea if there are any kits on the market for that actually.

    2. I’ve not really noticed a difference in terms of power, or certainly they’re powerful enough for the work I do anyway. I’ve cut some 50mm thick oak with the circular saw in one pass when the blade was still sharp (it’s now dull) which was a surprise as I wasn’t sure it would handle it! Battery life varies by tool and task so difficult to say

  154. Wife bought me a Makita drill a couple of years ago, now have several things, even the hedge trimmer! This has been a good reminder to pick up another small battery, so much nicer to use on the drill and impact driver.

  155. Nice tools , you obviously don’t get many shed breakins around your way we have far too many up our end

    1. @Vadim Grebelny how so? They are till one of the last independently owned manufactures. The rest are all zombie brands. Dewalt rigid Milwaukee they’re all zombie international conglomerates now. Makita isn’t.

    2. It’s pity, but Makita is doing same mistake as Nokia. Other brands has already gone to far and Makita? They use to be pioneers, inventors and leader of the market and now?

    3. Go watch ave tear apart a festool saw and prepare yourself for horror. They are built like shit. Not even kidding. Then they charge 1k for it 😂

  156. Interesting to see your views on the Makita gear; looks decent stuff.
    Ignore the jealous thumbs downers too!
    I am craving a black and yellow cordless router and random orbit sander but it doesn’t seem to be in the pipeline.

    1. Yeah maybe DeWalt will bring one out on their high power flexvolt batteries. They aren’t cheap though. 🙁
      I’m 1/2 tempted to give the Ryobi one a go as people seem to rate it.

    2. Maybe an RO sander is more difficult to design on a battery for some reason… that would explain the lack of decent options

  157. Hi,
    can You provide times in minutes when using Sander, circular saw, and router on 5.0 Ah battery. Thank You for Your review.

    1. Xawery Trąbka, while I’m not on the makita platform, I will tell you that on a 5.0 battery, the sanders run time depends on what grit you’re using and how hard you press. The circular saw depends on what material you’re cutting, blade you have on it and how hard you push. For the router it depends on what bit you use and what material you’re routing. Hope this helps!

    1. I have used multiple brands over the past couple decades. After my truck was stolen with my tools in it I still opted to buy Makita again. I don’t have a single complaint on any of them from battery SDS hammer drill, angle grinder, multi tool, recip, on and on.

      The exception would be that my chuck for my drill randomly seems to not want to maintain its grip. I run my tools heavily though. I’m not neglectful or abusive but I don’t bother to baby then. My drill for example has been used as my my mixing drill for multiple bathroom tile jobs.

      Not sure where your at but we have some great deals a couple times a gear.

      Derp. He did mention an issue I had with the plastic guard partially breaking but that the only issue after an impact I wouldn’t expect any other saw facing without damage. I don’t like less than 4ah batteries but they do charge fast and if you aren’t doing heavy demo of the recip saw or drilling a lot of holes in concrete you they don’t die that fast.

  158. NIce set of tools mate! I have a few makita tools aswell as the sander. I have never had an orbital sander before and indine it very uncomfortable to use. It seems to throw my hand everywhere as if it has hit a bump in the wood that it doesn’t like. Any thoughts? My corded oscillating sander is smooth as a button but i hate using this one

  159. You said in the video that your Makita Multitool is model number DTM50, but it looks to me like a DTM51, having the quick change cutter feature. Also where can you buy one for under £100.00 please?

    1. You’re absolutely right! I messed up there…. I’ll try and add a correction to the video if I can.

    1. Patrick Gibbs unfortunately if it gets released in the UK it won’t be for a while. We do have the model without AWS mind and a very nice saw it is too.

  160. I would really like to see a retry at the dust collection go and see Matthias Wandel for a good dust ecstraction desighn

    1. @Leon K. I have used HILTI and fest. They r good but Makita wins. Fein I have never used so I won’t write about them.

    2. Hilti cordless drills suck. We had a rep sell us a couple to use next to all our makitas and it did not last. Thing gave out in like a month. Don’t like their soft start either. They are alot slower at getting a 1 inch hole through half inch alum than the Makita and also heat up faster.

    3. Hilti’s cordless line is overpriced and lacking in tools. It’s made in China too just like the big three cordless manufacturers, all you are paying for is the hilti name. There are like 10 tools on hiltis cordless line so if you want any niche tools that makita/dewalt/milwaukee offer you will need to have multiple battery platforms anyways. Same with festool actually…unless you are involved in carpentry there is zero reason to go with festool for your cordless stuff.

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