Should you buy Milwaukee power tools? 2 years experience review

This is a review of my overall experience over a 2 year period using the Milwaukee m18 power tools. In this video I briefly run through 13 tools which I use on a daily basis to discuss any pros and cons that I have experienced during this time. Milwaukee power tools are known to be nothing but heavy duty and over I can definitely attest to that. Beware though, once you invest and buy Milwaukee it become addictive. If you would like to see more in depth reviews and demonstrations on how to use these tools and where they are used individually let me know in the comment section. For more DIY and how to videos LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE.

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47 thoughts on “Should you buy Milwaukee power tools? 2 years experience review”

  1. Used Makita for years , fine in the hand , balance and a good tool . Changed over to Milwaukee, never looked back , only had 2 minor problems but that was with heavy use over 5 years and to be expected.

  2. I admire that you’re up front about your opinions on each tool, as well as the addictive nature of this brand. I started purchasing mine last Spring and within 1 yr, I’ve managed to amass a decent collection. The one thing I can say is that they are great tools. Yes, there’s room tor improvement in a few places, but they put a smile on my face every time I get to use them and they always come through for me.

  3. One day you all switch to Makita and only regret you didnt switch sooner. And me, i wish i were smarter so i would have bought Makita to begin with, but then i would not know how much better they are. But at the end of the day im happy that lots of people support other brands, competition is always good.

  4. I’ve also gotten all of the fastback utility knives and the newest one is the best IMO. Just having the backup flip-out phillips/flat blade screwdriver on it has been incredibly convenient

  5. Makita have a better range for the handyman in my opinion. That said I have a hikioki Nail gun as they don’t have a framer. I’ve had all my Makita tools for 2yrs and only had impact fail once and I’m a professional handyman too. Their circular saw is A1, plus can’t go wrong with a battery powered track saw. Great vid m8 keep it up

  6. Initially I had the same stalling issue on the m18 drill, I got it replaced at Sydney tools and it didn’t have that issue so yeah batch issue

    1. Agree ….. I have had a faulty impact driver and a 5 amp/ battery loose it’s power , but this was all with constant use over 5 years …I recon I still got my money’s worth .

  7. I would say that impact driver is for the experienced tradesmen/contractor. Kinda like sports where players use the equipment that has that power. Oh man, I noticed the Hart tape measure!

  8. My drill does the same. About 2 years old. I only figured out it did that stall thing after I watched a video of yours while ago but in all honesty it has never been an issue or something that I noticed while I was drilling anything. One thing that does pi$$ me off is the sticky trigger. Only gets caught up when I have to hold the drill to the side. Annoying but it’s the only thing that bothers me about it. No chuck issues whatsoever.
    Rest of my Milwaukee tools have been awesome. Especially the M12 automotive tools (stubby impact, ratchet, die grinder, etc…) In 3 years of abusing my tools I have only had one M18 9.0A battery die. Garden tools have been awesome too. The weed whacker with interchangeable attachments, hedge trimmer, leaf blower have all been awesome too.

  9. I have only used Bunnings Ozito PXC tools and have never had any problems. I have never had to return any under warranty. Milwaukee is too expensive for me.

  10. No you shouldn’t buy Milwaukee, they’re owned by China and China is the reason the whole fucking world was shut down and we’re wearing these stupid useless mask

    1. @Timothy Lee Yeah , the hammer drill is one of the most used tools during the framing process and even after that. Contact milwaukee and see if they can do anything about that.

    2. @Timothy Lee Hmmm. Well, maybe you got a bad tool or something. Ive worked with Milwaukee tools for the last 5 years with other contractors and I haven’t seen any problems in them. Even the ones that look like they’ve been to hell and back. Hell, I have a set of Ridgid tools that have lasted fairly long after being beaten up for 2 years. I know that milwaukee tools are more durable than those.

  11. I’ve had 2 of those grinders fail with the common stator alignment issue, 3x CSS55 165mm Circe saws fail and 2 FID2 impact drivers with the dodgy collet issue where the drive bit retention fails.

  12. For the multi tool, you “set” the front screw and then you just need the back handle thing to remove the blade/attachment (at least that’s what it is on my multi-tool). Great vid btw!

  13. Hi Bill love your work bud.. i bought my milwaukee kit just 5 weeks ago and my drill driver have the same problem like yours.

    On the 4th time actually using it to drill through wood it stalled.. not sure what happened but it hasn’t done it since

  14. This was great thanks Bill. I have had a Milwaukee reciprocating saw for about 12 months and it’s paid for itself in tree removal multiple times over. Will definitely invest in more Milwaukee tools after watching this.

  15. Thanks Bill as I’ve been thinking about switching to Milwaukee from my current Ryobi brushless and you have confirmed my thinking

    1. @Billshowto yes I was looking at the packs for the core tools as I have all the pack outs and I know what you mean about the brand being addictive

  16. I’ve noticed recently after watching your videos I was surprised you were using Milwaukee than when you started using Ryobi. One of my favourite Milwaukee tools are saw and the MI8 radio; is a beast of a sound and can charge while playing music at the same time. Milwaukee is more expensive than most and am using Makita because of it after upgrading from Dewalt.

    1. @Billshowto Its funny that both Ryobi and Milwaukee are owned by the same company Techtronic Industries where like as you mentioned, Ryobi is best value for money aimed at DIYers on a budget and Milwaukee for serious and professionals.

    2. I love Ryobi one plus, best value for money and a huge range of tools . Perfect for home owner, DIYers and anyone on a budget which was me a few years ago 👍

  17. Hi Bill, glad yours work. I have been on job sites where I am the only team yellow, working with team red. The red ones had one issue or another and my Dewalt kept powering through. I also told the team red’s how to fix their issues lol. How is your hair dryer? 😉

    1. Lol, iv still got my dewalt tools as backups. Luckily I haven’t needed them as yet. The hair dryer ( heat gun ) for me is useless 👍👍

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