TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD! (best of the best)

TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD! (best of the best) In this video we give the #verycoolgang our top 5 list of the best power tool brands in the world today using only the best of the best tool companies and brands. Make sure to let us know your top 5 best power tool brands and companies in the comments section below. The top 5 list of power tool brands was put together regarding how many areas and different trades these companies manufacture power tools and hand tools for and how high of quality they are. Thank you for watching this TOP 5 POWER TOOL BRANDS IN THE WORLD video, I look forward to seeing your list in the comments section below!

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    1. Is it really fair to include Hilti? I agree they’re a solid tier above and deserve a high spot but they’ve always been pretty specialized and limited in scope until somewhat recently. Their coring and rotary hammer stuff is PRIMO and has been, but is that pedigree enough to trust the rest of their somewhat newer stuff?

      Not arguing at all here, I’m genuinely asking because I don’t have much experience with anything besides the classic stuff we all go to Hilti for.

      They definitely should have been included in this guy’s list though, at least as an honorable mention. Especially if Ryobi made it (and I happen to be pleasantly surprised by most everything I try from Ryobi but I recognize they’ve got to make consistently good stuff for a while longer to be known as a trusted solid brand).

    2. @Junfeng Jiang those are damn good brands like metabo and fein,even Hilti and festool, ingersoll , and old brands scintilla ,Hitachi etc

  1. Kobalt hand tools suck so bad. I had a kobalt inflator for the drag strip and it was great and an electric chainsaw that’s bombproof.

  2. Dewalt has pack out radio to fan and dewalt has a amazing tool storage and dewalt was first in the radio fan and pack system

  3. I feel triggered. You defiled the honor of Harbor freight. I’d like to file a complaint with your manager.

  4. For my use case, Milwaukee has been the best. With m12 and M18 stuff they cover almost everything I need and it’s all high enough for me. Some stuff could be better, but it’s the best for me.

  5. In my opinion Dewalt and Rigid have been the least innovative on the top 5. Their newer tools have removed features from previous models that were very handy from magnetic driver holders on their drills and my biggest complaint is they have gone backwards on their wet saw. #Dewalt call me. I have an innovative feature to your wet saw which is my number 1 tool

  6. My boss told me you like green you buy green you like blue you buy blue you like yellow buy yellow lmao

  7. Until I became disabled, my career had nothing to do with home tools, especially woodworking. Buying the best and most expensive for hobbies and DIY’ing, made zero sense.

    I have Ryobi, some Ridgid bench tools, some WEN bench tools and air/dust cleaners. Some Craftsmen tools from 15 years ago, and pretty much all of my dads Millwrighting tools which he gave me, some older than I am.

    One day, in the pub, I argued with a fella who claimed that he only owned Snap-On, Festool, and Grizzly…as it turns out, he lived in a basement suite, and probably didn’t know how to use a wrench.

    Unless they are total garbage, any tool in the right hands is good enough. For me Ryobi (green), with better quality bits and blades work just fine. Tune them, look after them, use them right.

  8. Dewalt is absolutely trash. We’ve went through 1 drill, 2 3/8 impacts rebuilt our 1/2 impact and 1 grinder. All within a year of purchase with medium duty use. I personally own milwaukee and everybody on the farm goes for mine before even considering the dewalts anymore.

  9. gave up on dewalt, now they just make them to break so u buy more. Milwaukee is where it’s at for the the long run.

  10. This kind of list makes no sense, it’s all about what you do with your tools, not the brand. You don’t get better by switching between hilti and Festool, or from Makita to Milwaukee. You get better by learning to use the tool you have!

  11. Festool…has no rival.!!
    Rigid, because of their lifetime warranty…
    Then maybe…metabo
    Then Milwaukee
    Then…. if I had no other choice…the
    “Over rated”” Over priced, small “d”
    *dee wault*

  12. For the price Ryobi is number 1 for housework and they will last you for year’s. If I was a Pro, then I would have to go with the more expensive tools like Milwaukee, or Dewalt brands.

  13. Makita is easily the best for a full time construction worker such as myself but I will say that royalb is a decent DIY brand

  14. Ran makita for a few years, just switched to milwaulkee because of a promotion i need more specific tools. Abused my makita stuff, all brushed too. Makita and milwaulkee top 2 no doubt

  15. I just bought some Roybi tools. But mainly have dewalt. How bad a step down did I do. Also you remind me of the epic meal time dudes the energy you bring. 😂

  16. Portacable is my brand. Most my cordless tools are from porta. I love them. However, I start looking for a new cordless tool line now, and you know why. Sadly, Porta cable is dying.

  17. My top 3 (cause I haven’t used more than 3 tool brands in my short time in the trades)
    1. Dewalt
    2. Makita
    3. Milwaukee

  18. Ridgid is number 1 for plumbing tools
    Hilti kicks ass for anything masonry related drilling cutting
    Milwaukee is excellent for HD professional use power tools
    Ridgid and Ryobi HP (only HP) are roughly the same for medium/LIGHT duty professional use
    Regular Ryobi is on par with something like mastercraft here in Canada for homeowner gear

  19. You guys are kidding yourselves. Metabo not even mentioned? What a joke. Far better than the whole lot of these brands.

  20. I like also the other big names but i consider only 3 brands which i have and used most of the time plus the availability of spareparts in my country namely makita,dewalt and bosch. These three brand were popular on contractor tested on their toughness and quality

  21. Hilti is number 1 at what they do but as far as opinions and expansive 1 battery systems Milwaukee and DeWalt are easily top 2. When my company bought all my tools I swore buy Milwaukee. Now that I quit that job and have to buy my own tools I swear by DeWalt! Black and yellow!

  22. You didn’t even mention the reason folks bother with Ridgid – the Lifetime LSA on the batteries.
    Dewalt is also #1 because everyone sells them, you can get tool deals from every major retailer, where you can only get any of the TTI tools and Makita mostly just from Home Depot

  23. I am an electrician and have been running BOSCH for over 15 years now. I love them!
    Also if you are claiming best tools in the world Bosch would be higher because they are probably the top dawg in Europe…. Just my two cents

  24. Most of my tools are 20 plus years old. Many as old as 35. My Porter Cable and Craftsman stuff is still around. My Ryobi and Makita didn’t last. In newer stuff, I’m happy with my Dewalt and Ridgid.

  25. I don’t keep all same brand tools. Rather go by performance of tool for it’s job. With that being said, most of my tools are DeWalt.

  26. I am a joiner in the uk 🇬🇧 and in are workshop all the chaps have different power tools Milwaukee Makita deWalt but as a Milwaukee man l still say all of these tools do the job and well but what l will say you need tough tools when you use them every day stay safe chaps 👍

  27. for those that aren’t in America, Ridgid is called AEG in Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries.

  28. As a gardener, my number one company is Husqvarna, extremely close is Stihl. Both companies are the dog’s bollocks!

  29. At this point I’d kick rigid and ryobi out and put in hilti and flex. And lets be honest you cant have a top 5 list without mentioning dewalt

  30. Starts off list with Rigid. Says midway through “ok so these aren’t the best tools, but..”

    Why are they on the list of best tools lol

  31. It mostly depends on the jobs being done. I heard more Dewalt for carpentry and a little farming. Then Milwaukee for plumbing and electricians and farming. It mostly depends on that job being done for the the right tool.

  32. How is it that no one even mentioned craftsman. It should of at least made the honorable mention list. You walk into any job site with craftsman tools people will start laughing 😂 at you. It’s sad that craftsman is under appreciated now.

  33. Ryobi tools are cheap and I have had terrible experience with them. Get a dewalt or a rigid it’s a little more for a lot more.

  34. Makita. Powerful, quiet, comfortable and with low vibration. Perfect for a full day. They are also the toughest and live forever.

  35. Was second guessing buying a drill and driver combo from Ridgid, but now I’m feeling better, can’t wait to test them out on the job this week 👍

    1. I have it and it hasn’t let me down. With the right attachments it can handle it all, i even mix concrete with it

  36. Idk man i have a dewalt saw and it dies so fast it wont even cut but again its a little old. Heres my rating 1 milwaukee 2 makita 3 bosch 4 ryobi 5 rigid

  37. Milwaukee is my everyday. But I feel u on dewalt for concrete tools and construction I’m I’m HVAC and refrigeration and I believe in Milwaukee to me they’re more durable

  38. Interesting the hate on certain tool brands. When TTI owns hart, rigid, Milwaukee, and ryobi. Stanley Black and Decker owns Dewalt, Bostitch, black and decker, porter cable, and craftsman. Most manufacturers have several lines coming out of one place, and the difference a lot of time is the brand stamped on the side. So we buy the brand not the quality because at the end of the day they are the same in my opinion.

  39. Im in commercial construction in the DC area and i must say Dewalt is by far the most used power tools by most trades from my experience. Milwaukee would be 2nd. Some makita/hilti here and there but its really all dewalt.

  40. Metabo HPT kills DeWalt lol 😂 we always compete at work and the 1/2 impact wrench XR 20v busted had to buy another and busted again while the metabo hpt is alive and well, the cordless framing nailer on DeWalt has plastic and therefore always bust near the nail rail mechanism, we’ve burnt out more Ryobi and dewalts than anything…

    1. Milwaukee
    2. Hikoki/Metabo HPT/ Hitachi
    3. Festool
    4. Rigid
    5. Bosch

  41. Here’s my list from 10th to 1st, I’ve also added the tool’s colours so you can picture which brand I’m on about


    10 😂Parkside😂 (dark green)
    9 Bosch DIY (green)
    8 Ryobi (light green)
    7 Milwaukee (red)
    6 Bosch Professional (blue)
    5 Kobalt (royal blue)
    4 Erbauer (navy blue)
    3 Ridgid (orange)
    2 DeWalt (yellow)
    1 Makita (teal)

  42. What about Cressman? Black and decker‘s OK but they’re not so good for the long run. Stanley has a few things that are good. I can’t remember the other names of some of the other tool brands, but craftsman pretty good.

  43. My tool brand wasn’t mentioned but I buy my tools according to their color and its green called Greenfield that’s locally sold in stores here in my country.

  44. Kobalt looked SO cheap in person tho!!……prices were Way too high for “box store” brand…….I just dished the money and went Milwaukee….they have a million tools for the M12 alone… the M18 line….it’s Simple and easy to understand.

  45. I’m the only guy on my site who rocks craftsman, people sleep on my brand, their tools are two levels, entry level tools cheap pretty shitty, then their brushless tools out preforms Bosch outperforms dewalt, and that’s just their power tools, if we’re talking hand tools? Don’t even get me started you need pliers? Alright pick a flavor and then some, you need a hammer? Over 20 flavors, you need bits and a nice case? Best bang for the buck, oh and did I mention everything fits together? All bit boxes feed together in the Vera stack system it’s amazing when I can grab my tool back and right underneath it is a set of like 200 assorted bits, craftsman is an amazing brand

  46. Can’t go wrong with Dewalt, Makita, or Milwaukee. Simply the most well rounded brands . The other brands mentioned are also good. The top 3 just have all the bases covered

  47. I tried them all Milwaukee is # 1 just stop by a recycling center the battery bin is always full of Dewalt , Mikita , rigid , the green one but hard to find a Milwaukee battery. Just saying what I see. Cheers

  48. I was hoping for a little more facts, a little less entertainment. I feel like I didn’t learn anything about the tools themselves.

  49. Not a great fan of the blanket positivity. It comes across as saccharine and not entirely honest when there’s apparently nothing but good things to say about every single brand that comes up.

  50. I work for a huge commercial general contractor. Of the brands mentioned in terms of reliability.
    2- Makita
    Bosch has been our most reliable tools. 2nd and 3rd is a toss up it could go either way. DeWalt breaks down more than anything. It’s kinda sad how much our DeWalts break.

  51. I did a bunch of research years ago when I started buying cordless tools. Went with Bosch. But it doesn’t seem like they hold up very well to hard use. I’ve had to replace my multi-tool and grinder. Their tools just seem to get really hot and quit. Looking for a video that can help me find a more reliable brand. Hopefully some other YouTuber will have some substance in his video, with some testing and facts that are actually helpful. This guy just talks a lot and says nothing.

  52. Milwaukee is the best carpentry sorry to break it to you. And dewalts concrete stuff is wank 😂 and theres a reason my boss who bought all dewalt stuff is now buying 1st and 2 nd fix nailers and bits because the dewalt bits snap more….

  53. When you put dewalt on the top because you a fan girl that doesn’t like the fact that the red bois have better tools than you. And you know for a fact Makita isn’t as good as either. This mans just like I know Milwaukee is the best but I have all yellow tools because I didn’t do my research and spent all my money on them and makita have a load of pointless stuff that no one even needs 😂

  54. @14:21 when know what he really wanted to say..

    Whether your sanding drywall or cuttin grass, makita has something for your ass!

  55. ..festool?
    Btw i think it would make more sense to pick a best brand for each type of tool. They’re all top quality but one makes better impact driver than other, and the other one may have better angle grinders etc.
    That is why i’m not going with the same brand for all my tools

  56. From my experience(i’m 18 and have been working at job sites for bit over 3 years now)
    5. Panasonic/ Festool
    4. Hilti
    3. Senco( the frame nailers and automatic drywall screwdrivers are the best no doubt)
    2. Makita
    1. Milwaukee

  57. Kobalt power tools are awesome. Their hand tools suck, though. Worst I’ve ever bought. I don’t even look at them anymore.

  58. makita is overpriced crap with poor quality control. although they have a couple of good tools like their hand planer. While Milwaukee has tons of tools, many of which are also crap, they have many more great tools more useful than makita. The fact that you highlighted makita’s coffee maker says alot. Dewalt is all marketing, and they do have some nice tools especially their accessory sets.
    I agree with the honorable mentions though. So, I would tie Dewalt and Milwaukee and Makita third. No festool? Craftsman? Oh thats right you are young.

  59. attached bottle opener ……. What, can’t you just open a bottle of beer against another capped bottle?????!!!! Pus*y

  60. I fuckinf love this. Also my friend is a big makita fan and gives me shit all the time for using dewalt. I love this video lol

  61. 30-Second Summary of Ryobi vs. Milwaukee

    Ryobi and Milwaukee are both owned by Hong Kong based manufacturing company Techtronic Industries. Although they share the same parent company, Ryobi and Milwaukee are not the same; in fact, their positioning in the market is very different.

    Ryobi is known for making professional-grade tools that are high-quality yet affordable. Their target market is homeowners and professionals looking for a lower cost option without sacrificing performance. Ryobi drills are reliable and high-performing but come with fewer features, which allows them to keep their prices low.

    Milwaukee builds its products primarily for professional users while keeping homeowners in mind. Milwaukee drills come with extra features, more speed, and longer runtimes to fulfill the needs of professional and extreme DIYers; however, those extras come with a higher price tag.

    Bottom line—if you’re on a budget and you need a drill to do small jobs around the house, Ryobi is your best option. If you’re planning to use your drill for more than just the occasional household project, spending a little more for Milwaukee’s extra features are worth it.

  62. Love dewalt have to say it is the best all around tool brand but if you’re just useing drills ide go Milwaukee as there drills are the top rn

  63. You are very annoying man you shouldn’t be on social media buy a few chicken and goats move to the mountains so you can scream as much as you want.

  64. You should consider be coming a Orchestra conductor 😂, or better yet a power tool conductor , you’re just missing that baton (stick) 😇

  65. I love Ryobi as far as I can remember. Now I got the OnePlus 18 volt and I buy a tool every month whether I need it or not.

  66. Dewalt IS NOT in anyway number one, your out of your mind kid…….Why because you absolutely cannot make a company at the top that has a “F” RATING from the BBB The Better Buisness Bureau! That’s right and don’t get me started on how many times they changed their battery platform. Milwaukee, Mikita, are far more impressive oh and good luck with those warranty claims with dewalt tools if you ever see your tool again.

  67. 1. DeWalt
    2. Milwaukee
    4. Makia
    5. Ridgid

    Don’t even get me started on Black and Decker

  68. I hate ryobi color and the reciprocating saw, that damn orbital mode, is it on? Is it off? Who knows? Why are the damn batteries expensive too? I like the dewalt and metabo hpt line, also kobalt. And skil.

  69. I just bought a DeWalt corded saw (compound, 7 1/4″) with the want to own and use for a lifetime. I’m glad there is a lot of positive feedback about the brand as I am a novice and the brand is not the lowest-priced in its market. I’m glad to have chosen my brand and color because I do not want my tool collection to look like a rainbow in the end haha 😀

  70. Every brand he mentioned is great. I’ve used most of them. It does seem like the hardcore contractors use more Mikita and Milwaukee though. I use DeWalt and love them.

  71. Think about it. You CAN NOT have a truly cordless job site unless you have enough batteries. You MUST keep chargers with you to charge batteries and those have cords.

  72. DeWalt if definitely dope love their tool use them all the time but I do think overall it should be a bit lower. Definitely top 5 for sure, I would say top 3. I would say Makita has better power tools and Milwakee has the absolute best power tools but DeWalt is more expansive, has some of the best hand tools, and is definitely sufficient at any trade.

  73. In Europe 1 Mafell 2 festool/protool 3 Hilti/Fein 4 Makita/ Milwaukee 5 Bosch/dewalt and Panasonic/Flex on the 6 place this are some of the the most popular ones a carpenter/builder works with in Holland 🇳🇱

  74. Dewalt was good until they brought out the flexvolt battery witch is a pile of shit. iv had to replace 4 in a year due to not charging. i was told by Dewalt not to run them till they die and it will sort the problem. I sorted the problem by replacing it with Milwaukee.

  75. He reminds me of Dwight schrute when he was chosen to give a speech and Jim pranked him on how to give the speech lmao

  76. XTR baby! Good call including Kobalt. The title “in the world” though has to make it either Makita or Hilti. IMHO, your list should be “Top 5 in North America”…

  77. 1 : bosch
    2 : milwaukee
    3 : makita
    4 : dewalt
    5 : ridgid
    I’m in renovation and i work with bosch and milwaukee n i defenetly like bosh more than Milwaukee

  78. Been working in wrecking yard for the past 12 months and have been stocking up on Snap on / Blue point gear. How does it stack up quality/ value wise?

  79. Ridgid warranty is a joke had to drive 60 plus miles for shity workmanship had to go back 3 times no lie not worth it. Switched to Milwaukee and have not been disappointed

  80. It makes me sad because I like Hitachi, can’t say what the like now since the name change but my hitachi set is probably the best tools I’ve ever used even compared to milwaukee and dewalt, I had nothing but problem with them in the pass.

  81. Honestly I think it depends what tools you use from each company to determine there place for me it’s mechanic tools so milwaukee takes 1st hands down especially considering they take down snap on but if I was in a different field my opinion might be different but regardless milwaukee makita and dewalt deserve top 3 and always will regardless of your brand

  82. I just want like the Honda/Acura of power tools/cordless tools.

    I heard Ryobi is like the Invicta of tools…at least someone told me that

  83. hilti has best sds drilling.
    mafell has best track saw cutting but expensive.
    dewalt has best impact driving but the chargers dont last.
    ridgid has the best radio and longetivity.
    milwaukee has all of these qualities cant fault them at all. makita batteries dont last . the new bosch procore looks promising but wont hold my breath

  84. Meh the only reason Bosch is on the list is their tool selection. Otherwise Kobalt would be in the top 5.

  85. How is Ridgid’s lifetime warranty not even mentioned though?!! Honestly that’s the strongest factor when it comes to purchase price and quality.

  86. I believe that the reason why same dewalt tool is 18v in europe and 20v in usa is that dewalt thought that americans would have hard time to realize the difference between old 18v tools and new battery line. Voltage is same.

  87. Makita was best ten years ago. But pushing too many models too fast has brought it down. Many their tools are filled with small flaws which tell about lack of testing. Also they are using too much energy for these battery powered coffee machines and bicycles. Gadgets. They are still better than most in many areas though. Milwaukee and ridgid are targeted for plumbers and electricians i think and bosch is like mercedes, pioneer back in history but now builds overcomplicated tools. Festool is for fancy guys who do finish work and want to do things differently just because. Hilti is making great tools for concrete work and especially for big jobsites where no one owns their tools or cares about them. Their price is bit too high even though they last really well. Hitachi is a rising star i believe. But at the moment dewalt is superior as a construction tool brand. Price and quality are in balance. They pay attention on details and use more time to design well the most essential tools like chop saw and table saw and drills. They now lead in innovations and others follow and copy. But due to patents other brands need to make things differently which usually means worse. Nevertheless my biggest wish is that all big brands would start making universal batteries. No one wouldn’t have to be loyal to any brand anymore. Oh yeah, and all big tools with 60v platform and with ac/dc option. I love tools.

  88. He’s wearing a Dewalt hat. Was there any question what his number one would be! I like Milwaukee, but from what I’ve learned, almost all power tools are made by the same manufacturer

  89. Milwaukee and Ryobi, only need 2 battery chargers. Milwaukee can be real expensive for tools I use less often.

  90. DeWalt – 🤔 #1 but Ryobi is an honorable mention 🤔
    DeWalt is just a yellow version of Ryobi. Except they cost more and you think you get brownie points at the ladies auxiliary when you pull them out. Save your money, get the exact same tool with Ryobi. Who cares what other people think, especially since they’re not footing the bill.

  91. I think Skil, over time, will become a major force in the power tools market especially with Chervon backing them.

  92. Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Rigid are my list but I like the colour red n black so I stick with Milwaukee

  93. Wow,I like your commentary and Excellent hard work, Thank you for providing me the best knowledge and video

  94. Dewalt are literally lacking behind makita in tools and are more expensive. But their batteries are top of the line. Milwaukee wipes the floor with them all

  95. I’ve never seen any Rigid tool on any job site once. Only Milwaukee, DeWalt, and the occasional Porter Cable, Makita, or Kobalt

  96. Is ryobi a good brand ? I honestly want to know you guys opinions about the brand. Some people have told me its a good brand and other’s say they break easily. Is ryobi’s industrial products worth buying?

  97. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 BOSCH in 4th when it should be no where near this list whatsoever “Bosch makes the best laser levels ever” are you kidding me fool, Leica or Top con smash there shit and finally how does FESTOOL not finish a clear clear winner what a joke

  98. Dewalt and Milwaukee for big jobs, Ryobi for small jobs. Ryobi makes everything! Their glue gun and soldering iron makes life so much easier

  99. Milwaukee, hands down there’s already been a comparison test done tool for tool and Milwaukee took it over all mentioned and took the winn over the snap-on line of cordless impacts as well,so for me its always Milwaukee

  100. i was searching for a tracksaw and nothing even came close to festool. Dewalt is nice for jobs where you don’t need that much of precision, Makita and Bosch are just cheaper alternatives for festool.

  101. I started out with my grandfather’s old ryobi’s he had from roofing (circa 2005 tools) and they worked a long time but unfortunately the old batteries are impossible to find and until I can rebuild them his old ryobi tool bag sits in a cabinet. I replaced them with milwaukee because the rest of my roofing coworkers use them. They gave grandpa and me crap for the longest time using those old ryobi’s but they did their job well. I’ll likely rebuild them and leave them at home for around the house use because they just can’t compete with my brushless Milwaukee’s.

    1. Im still running the Craftsman 19.2v C3 line (now defunct). Ive started investing in some Milwaukee Fuel stuff convinced my wife the C3 tools will give up soon…..but,…..THEY.WONT.DIE.
      Their one handed recip saw puts out 3500 strokes per minute. That is more than modern tools that are usually 3000.

  102. I watch a lot of project farm content, and almost every tools comparison he does, Milwaukee out performs everything, while dewalt is never even close! In my eyes, Milwaukee is hands down the best tool company out there and dewalt I might be at number 5, but no way they’re number one

  103. Always drilling holes in concrete for automation while dong integration work. Hiltis are amazing, Miliwalkies are okay, and Bosh is junk.

    100% honest professional opinion from years of using different shops drills. a bosh will always crap out on you if pushed to hard.

  104. This is DEFINITELY a biased opinion 😂…cause Hilti and Metabo are way better than all of the honorable mentions 🤣 and alot of the TOP 5 Ratings and for sure better than DeWalt 😏 pfff…and maybe better than Milwaukee too 🤔 (but then again maybe NOT 😌)

  105. Best power tool brands in the world – Ridgid. We don’t even have them in Europe! Best tool brands in America*

  106. I swear and die by ridgid tools. But in this video you left out an important factor. There are 2 different ridgid brands with very similar logos. The orange line tools are contracted to be manufactured by tti (maker of Milwaukee)and the red line tools aremade by emerson. Though they are contracted through these companies, “ridgid” is its own brand, independent of either company.

  107. Milwaukee no joke around about construction.they build everything wouldn’t be surprised they ended up building powerful batteries work trucks .

  108. I think I’d put Ryobi right around craftsman I’d rather buy Bauer if your looking for a huge variety of tools for very cheap. But to put Ryobi at the top of the list is just baffling I don’t know where you got this cordless tool list but it seems like a democratic survey. Like would you rather have a tool for $300 that will eventually breaks or a tool for $150 that will eventually break.

  109. 1 Milwaukee
    2 Milwaukee
    3 Milwaukee
    4 Milwaukee
    5 Milwaukee
    6 Milwaukee
    7 Milwaukee
    8 Milwaukee
    9 Milwaukee and
    10 Milwaukee

  110. I’m kinda cursed because going into contracting I just always stuck with good old milchalki then shortly after everything I owned turned red. Even my freaking car. I don’t even like red 😕

  111. no budget constraints either of DeWalt, Makita or Milwaukee, but with budget constraints, I choose Ryobi and haven’t been disappointed. Never heard of Ridgid or Kobalt but I’m in Oz so I think its a USA thing. Had a few Bosch tools but been disappointed.

  112. I love Milwaukee tools that we have at work but thinking about getting Ryobi tools at home. They’re now owned by the same company and hopefully will expand the Ryobi cordless lineup similar to how Milwaukee is.

    1. I’ll be honest here, I dropped DeWalt 20v and switched to Ryobi18v +One. I payed half the Money for Ryobi and in my opinion the Ryobi brand is Fantastic.

  113. Milwaukee is number 1!!!!
    You always put DeFAULT first, when they smoke up faster then any other major brand!
    You are to much of a shill for Default…..

  114. 1. Milwaukee (best in what they do on the wireless, covers more specialty items, 3 lines of tools and solid hand tools)
    2. Dewalt (best construction grade saws)
    3. Makita (most expansive wireless brand)
    4. Bosh (best in some areas like hammer drills.)
    5. Ridged (best for DIY low cost solid build)

  115. Hate their bits…Maikitas are my fav however I agree Dewalt is the shiznit when it comes to tools and their flex volt batteries are the best

  116. God tier:
    -Hilti (Europe)
    Indestructible, but stupid expensive. Geared towared more heavy industrial use.

    First place honorable mention:
    -Festool (Europe)
    Quality tool brand but sold almost exclusively in Europe. Doesnt have the widest selection of power tools, but more so geared toward wood working. Very niche.

    1st tier:
    -Bosch (Europe)
    -Milwaukee (USA)
    -DeWalt (USA)
    -Makita (Japan)

    2nd tier:
    -Skil (Europe)
    -Kobalt (USA)
    -Porter-Cable (USA)
    -Metabo HPT/Hitachi (Japan)

    3rd tier:
    Einhell (Europe)
    Craftsman (USA)
    Ridgid (USA)
    Ryobi (Japan)

    4th tier:
    Hart (USA)
    Hercules (USA)
    Masterforce (USA)
    Stanley (USA)

  117. I’m sorry but dewalt definitely does not deserve #1 spot. They get out performed by milwuakee every time

  118. Milwaukee also has the blower and the weed Wacker and the hedge trimmer and the chain saw and the removable heads.

  119. Rookie here, so be easy haha I’ve been upgrading my toolbox from Walmart tools to better tools, and feel like I chose the wrong brand based off of the comments/videos I’ve seen. Can anyone give me some insight on why no one chooses craftsman tools? I appreciate any information/guidance

  120. With today’s Technology most Brands of cordless power tools perform adequately, personally I use RYOBI, they have many different tools to choose from, they all use the same 18v lithium battery and they improve their lineup every year, I don’t see the need to purchase multiple Brands of power tools,thx for giving Ryobi an Honorable Mention 10:02 👍🏻😎

  121. Dewalt has great tools, my beef with dewalt is changing how their batteries hook up and forcing me to have to by a converter and new types of batteries for my 2008 dewalt cordless tools that still work great

  122. I’d do Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, Ryobi. I know Metabo makes some awesome tools but I haven’t used any of their new stuff so I can’t really “rate” it like I can the others. I really like Ryobi for simple stuff you don’t use a ton but come in handy. I don’t use a router too much, so Ryobi made sense.

  123. World? Frankly you don’t know what you are talking about. USA power tool market is a totally marketing dollars driven. Fact is every brand has its strength.Rotary & Demolition Hammers? Hilti / Makita / Bosch own the world. DEWALT and Milwaukee don’t exist. Grinders? Makita and Bosch own it. Hilti outsources mfg. USA market share is bought by marketing $$$. Don’t speak where you have no knowledge. Milwaukee CEO used to run DEWALT. He is genius marketer.

    1. Haha, it’s like my biggest issue with makita. Their boxes are so crappy looking I don’t even want to buy them.

  124. What about festool ??? It seems for Americans festool does not exist and probably tools No 1 in the World. Sorry

  125. I think that hart tools should be number one because their tools are expansive accessible and great quality for cheap

  126. It’s really hard to say who’s the best overall brand because looking at it that way you have to consider overall range and scope of products available. In my opinion only Ridgid and Makita probably cover more ground although we know Ridgid isn’t the best in quality but they do very well for professionals and have the best warranty. Again the mark of a good brand.

    If you’re talking best quality tools with large enough variety then I’d say:

    1. Milwaukee & Hilti tied for top quality and they rethink each product when they build again. Not the same old same old.
    Tie for 3 & 4 between DeWalt and Makita. Both top quality slightly below Milwaukee and Hilti but wider range of products both compete for the top spot in many categories.
    Then Ridgid @ #5.

    1. Hilti
    1. Milwaukee
    3. DeWalt
    3. Makita
    5. Ridgid

  127. Bosch is really bad Now Days. And sadly Makita is from Chia too. But still good.. Dewalt eeeewww. As yellow as the chinese. Milwaukee Japan really good. Ryobi green Japan really nice.

  128. RYOBI is great for the Price. Some ryobi is exspensive do and does get Better. (Brushless). You get a Lot of power for most of the tools. And the selection of tools is incredible.

  129. I cannot stand Ryobi being in second I bought 10 toos
    From them the batteries all died within a month and would not recharge

  130. Dewalt –
    Hilti- there tools are high and honestly I only tell people hilti tools are great cause it’s a myth that hilti is number 1 but I don’t know that so right now they #3
    Ryobi- they are not the best but they are there for people that can’t afford the names above and they have good quality tools that last forever

  131. Here is my list
    1. Cobalt XTR
    2. DeWalt
    3. Makita
    4. Metabo HPT
    5. Ridgid
    And I love your list thanks for the video Nick and all the editors

  132. I have tried all brands:
    Makita (Precision) ok with power. Innovation
    Milwaukee ( Power)Better Battery selection
    Rigid (Best power)
    Bosch (innovation) Best Hammer drill
    Ryubi (Home Use, Light commercial)
    Dewalt (Strong Power) Many Innovation.
    Skil ( Best circular saw )
    Kobalt (Ok)
    Craftman (ok) best hand tool.
    Hilti (Great) With bits & some tools.

    I pick milwaukee tools, Have tools from father 40 years still works in heavy use & it is even getting better now.
    I also use Makita, best innovation 18 volt.
    Rigid tools for my workers, heavy use.

  133. I think that makita should be up top personally because the light weight tools making it easier on the job

  134. Thought he was annoying…. but then I couldn’t help but laugh when he started talking about how Milwaukee’s battery powered grease gun can grease your nipples. “If you got to grease your nipples, Milwaukee will grease those nipples RIGHT!” Thumbs up. Solely for that line.

  135. 1 Kobalt power tools.
    Im sure there are better quality tools out there, But at the price and the warranty you can’t beat them. Odds are the power tool will break before 5 years and when it does you can just go down to lowes and get a brand new one. Heck I got my hands on an old sawzall for 30 bucks that was still working used it for a while, decided I wanted a new one, took it up there told them the part where you put the blade in was giving me trouble and they gave me a new one. Granted it took them a while to do it, but I walked in with a 3 year old sawzall and walked out with a new one.

  136. Of course the Dewalt is the best The only problem is that I don’t have the money to buy the whole set😂🤨

  137. Makita all the way at work they used to buy us dewalt impact drivers man those things sucked always failing we were always falling behind on work then we switched to makita man its night and day i love these drivers to death they never fail

  138. Um yer this guy don’t know shit, you left out the 5 top brands in the world lol, all you mention are second rate and know where near the best, do your research better next time

  139. I love ryobi and it is the only tool power tool brand I buy. I also almost only buy husky hand tools. The only tools that aren’t one of those 2 is hand me downs from my dad and grandpa

  140. Any list is subjective. I’ve used the main 3 brands and there all pretty decent. Milwaukee stands out for raw power and makita for control. Dewalt for a bit of both. In the end it’s down to what your using it for. I Personally do big jobs and we use all brands on site. No real problems with any of them. Peace.

  141. I used to hate Ryobi but it feels like they have done nothing but improve quality without raising the price.

  142. Why is this dude talking like a cross between a washed up strip club d.j and a late-night infomercial salesman. “And coming to the main stage is our own very hot M.A.K.I T.A(Said in slimy washed up d.j voice). I just stomped out my new airport hoping that noise would just sto,in hind site I should have just skipped to the next video..

  143. Most underrated line…. Milwaukee will grease those nipples right…. LMAO…. I was like WTF did he just say? Lol

  144. um Milwaukee has packout.he acts like that is not a thing and of course the DeWalt bits are his favorite

    he acts like

  145. The same company owns milwaukee and ryobi. Milwaukee is for the pros and ryobi is for the DIYers and home owners.

  146. Milwaukee is the best, hands down. It’s not even close. I’ve been a mechanic working on heavy equipment for the military for about 30 years and every time someone pulls out Makita or Dewalt my Milwaukee tools put them to shame. If you don’t have Milwaukee as number one than you’re not doing something right.

  147. I own many ryobi tools. For the price well worth it. Recommend using higher amp batteries on high stress uses.

  148. Youri américaine so i forgive your limited knowledge. But the rest of the word knows more than you Guys. Im not going to name brands that would-be be to easy, but look over your borders there a Many better brands

  149. What is the criteria for this list? I don’t care if a brand makes a power tool that can make me a cold brew frappe- I care about durability and performance.

  150. Gotta have powerful cordless tools. BRUSHLESS IS KING. Black & Yellow baby! Handtools gotta go to KNIPEX, best I’ve ever used my brotha. I got some input for DeWalt to get them in the Best in World Categories. I design tools and I’ve literally used them all so I know whats up. I speak 7 languages so I hear all types of construction crews and what they like. Majority are loyal to DeWalt like myself but then again, people that choose other brands really dont understand the difference. Or their fathers happen to use some other brand while they grew up.

  151. 1. Makit (good price and quality)
    2. Metabo (German made, top quality)
    3. Hilti (expensive but high quality)
    4. Bosch
    5. Milwaukee
    6. DeWalt
    7. Ryobi
    8. Festool (8th place because of unnecessary high prices)

  152. Yo.. what happened to Festol????.. oh I get it.. to much for your pocket.. Guess what I don’t don’t own one either..:):)

    1. No there are cheaper and more trash tools u can get from China that are the worst. Go to AliExpress and you’ll see

  153. De Walt, Ryobi, and Rigid because that is all I have. Defiantly would like to get the Makita coffee maker.

  154. Hi, greetings from Europe, my favorite Poland nygga list is…. 💪

    1. Same 😂 my dad has rigids and i like their drills better but the grinder and hacksaws are way better with dewalt. Not to mention the battery powered screwdriver. I love that thing.

  155. DeWalt is simply Black & Decker rebranded. The radial arm saw was invented by the Dewalt family, who later sold their interests to Black & Decker. Black & Decker took advantage of the branding, and although they still make good grinders, the products are not great.

  156. To me Dewalt is superior for its batteries, especially the multi-charger, but that will change once Milwaukee has its pure sine wave multicharger released.