How to make Quadcopter at Home – Make a Drone

— 4X XXD HW30A 30A Brushless Motor ESC —
— Gemfan 8045 Carbon Nylon CW/CCW Propeller —
— KK2.1.5 LCD Flight Controll Board V1.17S1PRO 6050MPU 644PA
— 4X Racerstar Racing Edition 2212 BR2212 980KV 2-4S Brushless Motor —
— Wholesale RC Quadcopters —
— Battery:
— Tx:
— Rx:

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  1. Jitne paiso ka ye saman mil rha😳 h unse kam paiso me to ek bhut acha drone aa jayega 🙄🙄🙄

  2. Sir can you gift me a small drone made by you. I like drone so much but can’t afford a drone. Please sir help. 🙏🙏

  3. यह सब चीजें कहां मिलेंगे इनका नाम बताइए

  4. ভাই এই ড্রোনের কি কেমেরা আছে আর ভাই এই ড্রোনের সার্কিট পাওয়া যাবে

  5. Great video, tutorial. Short, clear for experienced modellers. I estimate, that for bicopter will scheme very similar. Ch1+2 for engines and Ch 3+4 for servos for tilt. In mix mode. Avatar bicopter mode.

  6. Give instructions every component names …..example. (now we are putting controller) it make easier to understand

  7. excellent, so amazing but we are expecting you to tell us the component you use and also how the connections are, but your silent killing us with sounds.

  8. Can you make a list of everything you used in the video. Also the connections were not detailed.

  9. Oh, maybe forgot to mention how much more this would cost over the medium price of a good quadcopter? Buying all the parts with good or decent quality AND assembling would probably cost much more…

  10. Hello sar hamare pass brushless motor hai hamen paise ka urgent hai hamen bechna hai use nahin hua hai abhi ekadam naya hai bil ke sath 2200×4

  11. Bhai Abdul nai video banaa aaoge aap is video se pahle hi aap bata Dena ki mera drawn kul kitne paise Mein Bankar taiyar Hua Hai please bhai jo aap ab net donon Aaoge use Tak Nahin Chaha Apna Don banaenge

  12. এই জিনিস গুলোর মূল্য কত এবং কোথায় থেকে কিনতে পারব

  13. How yo make a Drone at home?: Buy a new drone and assemble. AND remember to pretend like you have made a drone.

  14. Wow that’s a easy way and it’s so amazing superb👌… but only one problem the parts, where will we get it??

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  16. What is the name of the things that you use in the video because I want to made it for school school science day and I like your video please write the name of the things that you use in the video

  17. He has spent around 5-8k on the components of the drone while he can buy a best drone in this price range 😎😎😎

  18. Bahi mere pass to pasie nahi tum apna drone de do 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. The amount of comments of people asking for a list of products when they’re all in the description is too many.

  20. Kyon bhai mujhe Piya saman de sakte ho kya ya drone bahut hard banaa hua 👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

    PLZ BRO😥😥😐😑
    Plz tell really

  22. This isn’t homemade, I want to know what kind of systems goes into designing the drone’s circuitry and software. Not a puzzle piece kit.

    1. @Jeff Smith One person told 130-150 metres. Another one told “Depends on your transmitter and receiver”. I’m not get correct answer!

  23. Sir can you provided me which part use this drone so I am try at home please name provided all part sir

  24. someone made this in a game called trailmakers, I might do it too, but in real life it’s more fun to make – nice video keep it up!

  25. Whiat is this cable where does it come from at this time: 3:04 can you güve me Soma information is this extra

  26. কই পাওয়া জাবে ছারকিট কেনা জাবে ভাই নাম্বার দেওয়া জাবে

  27. कहां से मंगवाया यह सब चीजें प्लीज रिप्लाई मी

  28. Some links that you have mentioned are not available or not shown in online . Could you add new links ?

  29. Your video is good but please tell us the name of the things or parts you used in this quadcopter and from where to get these

  30. I made a simile quadcopter using the same parts but when the flight board turned on nothing happened except for the screen lighting up there’s no words

  31. If you told all the name of things used in the project please tell us and this is very useful for all so kindly request to tell about the things used in the project

  32. Iam 2021 watching this
    And i see most comments
    Looks like beggers
    And begger hasno chose
    So wait until i have done
    And i will tell the description your need

  33. What was the name of that connector where all ESC’s red wire were connected in one way and another black wire was connected in other way, can you tell me please… I need this one


  35. At 2:21 when you were soldering that brown stuff means you burned it 😂😂 be careful when Sodering don’t push against the board

  36. can u pls tell the drone which u had made is aerodynamically stable or not
    and upto what max height it can go up in air

  37. Bro what we had to say for buying motor and mother board
    Plz tell me I am starting the work on this so plz tell
    Sorry for wrong english.

  38. Hello sir namaste aap motor kahan se late Hain aur yah kitne rupaye ki milati Hai aur jo iski machine Hai yah kitne rupaye ki milati Hai

  39. Aap bevkoof kyu bana rahi ho sabko
    Agar ye sab cheeje logo ke pas ho to bo khud nhi bana lenge ye sab lane se achcha hai kharid le👍

  40. Assalamualaikum. Brother how much is the price of each product and where can it be found. Please let me know.

  41. Hello bhai ap jo bhi hai and jahan se bhi hai agar ap hamse bat kr le drone k subject me lagabhag kitne rupees lage hai drone banane 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
    6394980989 is number pr bata dijiye
    Plz plz plz plz

  42. Its incomplete vedio about drone… No description about any product or Components, company’s details…proper wiring connectivity….. Remote operating system etc.

  43. Can you please tell me what is the meaning of Rx? And Rc Quadcopters ? Is it both same? because the link below doesn’t working … Please it’s my humble request

  44. Sir, How many price to make this project and please give me uses of things in list to make this project. Thinks😊😊

  45. This surely has to be the cheapest (and probably the worst flying) drone ever made.
    But the video is interesting nonetheless.

  46. How to create Flying Machine(or Drone) that flies human during natural calamities ? Please answer if you know

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  49. Bhai agle video Me apna mo number or Jo product hai uska naam likhna yaar taaki hum log bhi product ko kharid sake

  50. Awesome bro…. U r just amazing….. You have made the frame of the drone with a pair of measuring scale… What an idea… superb!!!!!!…. Keep it upppppp!!!!!

  51. Thank you sir fir information . I have f450 frame. I am using pixhawk. And 3s lipo 4000mah. So tell me should I go for 4s 2600mah? How much flight time it will give to me? Please sir tell me?

  52. Thank you sir fir information . I have same drone. With f450 frame. I am using pixhawk. And 3s lipo 4000mah. So tell me should I go for 4s 2600mah? How much flight time it will give to me? Please sir tell me?

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  54. One feed back wch I’m feelin to giv for this channel … it’s a drawback …. no items r mentioned here …. so I’m feelin really difficult

  55. this is not a how to. It just shows you building a drone and not telling us what to purchase in order to make one. Waste of time.